BRC.02 – Two Hungry Ghosts

The BlogRollCall is a new series in which we close ranks with other blogs we like. When we started this site, it was common practice to feature like-minded blogs in what is known as a blogroll or to link back to content found there. This sense of community is disappearing more and more these days, as blogs become trademarks of their own, competing with one another for their readership. We don’t like that development, we think it’s bullshit to cannibalize one another when the main goal should be promoting good music – not ego!

Part two in this series comes from anonymous UK duo Two Hungry Ghosts, notorious for their online bootlegs, cassette mixtapes and their love for the visual underground cultures.

Press play and read on below for the interview!

Subscribe (iTunes)01. X Minus 4 Minutes (Intro)
02. Men at Amps - Blaq Cougar
03. Erick Sermon featuring Redman - Freak Out
04. Jeru The Damaja - Physical Stamina
05. The Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Vocal)
06. The Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Instrumental)
07. The Names JJ (Skit)
08. Canibus featuring Rakim - I'll Buss ‘Em U Punish ‘Em (Remix)
09. Marco Polo featuring Lil Fame Of M.O.P - Fame For President
10. Dennis Farnon - South Bound
11. Ambush (Skit)
12. Ramsey Lewis - Ode
13. Ennio Morricone - Requiem Per Un Operaio
14. I Tell You I Saw Them (Skit)
15. Goblin - Blind Concert (Edit)
16. Babylon (Skit)
17. Ayala - Lull
18. Lee Scratch Perry - Upsetting Dub
19. Boska - Pictures (Edit)
20. Zomby - Florence
21. Tek9 - Pushing Back (Remix)
22. Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley - As We Enter (Edit)

Who’s behind Two Hungry Ghosts and what was the motivation to start a blog?
The motivation behind the blog is to support a diverse range of artists and DJs in gaining more exposure and helping them attract a new audience. The site is for all those people that have contributed tracks, mixes or artwork since we began in 2011. When we moved over to Blogspot earlier this year we decided to delete a lot of the old posts and focus purely on exclusive downloads and streams. We could of quite easily changed the name at that time to “The Army of Ghosts” as there are so many people contributing content to the site now. Different heads but with the same goal.

The way the posts are designed is with a huge emphasis on the track/mix alongside original artwork. Minimal words with the musical content delivering the impact afterall its about the artists and their creations, not us.

What do you usually write about and can you highlight some of your features?
Posts are normally quite short with the actual song/mix being the main emphasis. We are lucky enough to be able to post free downloads and exclusive streams from artists around the world in a variety of different styles. We have put this little set together for you and your readers to have a better understanding of what the site is about.

The site changed alot with the switch to Blogspot. We may post less now but the quality control is much higher so its centered around quality rather than quantity. We have also been busy recently working on a range of different projects for the site and are aiming to put out our first Beat Tape entitled “Holy Ghost Power”. Its based around a series of one minute loops and skits inspired by the work of Mattic and Frayker. We put a lot of work into everything we do for the blog and hopefully that shows in the posts.

[As for the feature,] the Timeline LP that features an unreleased song from Manix (Marc Mac of 4hero), it's a compilation of twenty tracks that demonstrate how drum and bass changed during the 90's. The love and support from that created the Remix EP of which we are very proud and thankful to the artists who participated, the Gremlinz remix probably being one of the best things we have put out.

We now post in three different catergories: Timeline: retro 90's inspired DnB. Digital Sevens: funk, hip hop and jazz – and the Subway Series: house, electronica and techno.

Further to this we do mixes for Samurai FM and have an image archive over on our Tumblr. We are also working towards a monthly stream over on our Mixlr. More details on that to follow.

Can you recommend us any blogs you’re reading?
Being honest, not many. There are some that are doing a great job of writing about their chosen genre or helping to expose new music, art or film but reading other peoples opinions or seeing what is currently considered cool isn't really what the site is about.

Personally we would much rather stick on Rinse, Jungletrain, a Soundcloud stream or watch a Boiler Room set whilst going through images on Tumblr than actually read blogs.

It goes without saying that Colectivo Futuro, King Friday, Fraykers Revenge and [censored] all get checked but your readers probably already know about them so if you check anyone new as a result of reading this it should be Mattic, Frayker, Infest, Double O, Code, Scape, Omni Music and the rest of the growing Army Of Ghosts.

And lastly, can you tell us a bit about the mix you put together for us?
Its really a homage to the radio shows and mixtapes of the 1990's. Having access to Kiss FM and European radio shows streaming via satellite TV in the UK there was always an open door to brand new underground music from around the world long before the internet and Podcasts. Kiss shows like the legendary Solid Steel and Paul

Thomas' “Chill Out Zone” as well as the Jazzanova and Pressure Drop shows on Sputnik delivered an eclectic mix of new and cutting edge music each week.

Labels like Mo Wax and Ninja also focused on putting out a wide range of music at that time which still sound as good today as they did in the 90's and the blog shares that same desire to support great timeless music from a variery of genres.

The mix covers everything from classic hip hop, funk and jazz breaks, dub to drum and bass all squeezed into a single side of a faux C90.

Apart from their website, you can find the Two Hungry Ghosts on Twitter, SoundCloud or Tumblr.

Published on July 14, 2013

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