Soul in Motion (compiled by Volcov)

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

I had this article planned ever since the Deepblak compilation came out, but I only remembered after the Carl Craig special on Stylin. There hasn't been a classic review in a while, today I want to feature one of my all-time favourite compilations.

Put together by Enrico Crivellaro (aka Volcov), Irma Records released Soul in Motion back in 2002 on both CD and triple vinyl. The artists featured are associated with the two cities Detroit and London, and the sound is a melange of the two, combining soulful techno with broken beats. It got a lots of soul indeed, and buzzwords like High Tech Jazz or Future Soul come to mind.01. Titonton Duvanté - Foreplay
02. Domu - The Long Way Up
03. Art Forest - The Flow
04. Ahab - Held By Love
05. Hanna - Ghost
06. Yellow Magic Orchestra - InDo (4 Hero Mix)
07. Carl Craig - They Were
08. Drexciya - Journey Home
09. Nubian Mindz - Malfunction
10. Nu Era - Breaking In Space
11. Splinterfaction - Ultraism
12. Envoy - Leave This World Behind
Many of the tracks are somewhat exclusive, especially at the time Soul in Motion was released. Domu's track The Long Way Up is one of his standout tracks, it was later featured on his Discotech album, which was only available in Japan for a long time. Also just available in Japan was 4hero‘s remix of Yellow Magic Orchestra, a classic which is now easier to get on 2004's 4hero Remix Album. From the remaining tracks, many were previously only available on vinyl, including those by Nubian Mindz (1999 on Archive), Drexciya (1995 on Warp) and Nu Era (1995 on Ovum). Looking at those dates it is surprising how incredibly fresh these tracks still sound (even today).

Well, they don't make records like this anymore! If you liked the Detroit Beatdown series or the previously mentioned Blaktropolis, you will need Soul in Motion in your collection! However, the chances of buying a new copy of this compilation are near-zero, especially if you are aiming at the vinyl release. Amazon UK still has the CD on stock, otherwise I recommend Discogs Marketplace for used copies.

Published on February 12, 2009

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