Domu - Discotech

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

While the rest of the world only got the 12″ with four tracks, Discotech was released in Japan (through Psychic Phenomena) as a full album - dispite the EP name. It's been widely dubbed as Domu-does-Theo-Parrish album, which in my opinion applies to the production technique only. The trademark Domu sound is still there, though most of the tracks are more house oriented.

Of all Domu albums, Discotech feels most harmonius, the general mood of the music blends well from one track into another. I couldn't repeat this for the Return of the Rogue album, which has good tracks, but felt more like a collection of rather unrelated tracks.

It's very hard to get the CD four years after its release, but there are still some retailers that have it available (e.g. Tower Records Japan). Only recently a digital release has been put out, but it lacks the standout Nu Era remix of The Long Way Up, otherwise only to get on vinyl.

Earlier this year Discotech EP II was released, though it can hardly match the standard of either the first EP or the album.

Published on August 28, 2008

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