About us

Going back as far as 2008, Nutriot started out as a simple music blog. A space where personal findings and favourites were shared with the world. It was the still the hey-day of the blog and during its most active time, an average of 500 readers frequented the site every day.

After relocating from São Paulo to Vienna, the idea to release music was born. In 2012 the new label Nutriot Recordings was officially registered, but it took another three long years until the first record came out vinyl.

Since then, we have released music from the far corners of the earth, from New Zealand to Brazil, the United Kingdom and our native Austria. We continue to seek out music that's challenging and obscure, as long as we enjoy listening it ourselves — no matter its genre or age.

Get in touch

You can find our music on Bandcamp and most other digital stores and streaming services. Our releases are distributed by Kompakt Distribution.

If you wish to send us demos of your music, please get in touch on SoundCloud

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