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Flying Lotus at Sónar São Paulo

This is not the average live-video, not that kind of stuff recorded by a devoted fan with terrible sound and shaky visuals. This is a properly recorded concert and it’s the full show you get to see here.

All of this was filmed at the Brazilian edition of Sónar, which took place only three days ago in my hometown São Paulo. What’s probably most interesting about this, are the music bits taken from the forthcoming Flying Lotus album Until The Quiet Comes. It currently looks like it has been pushed back to October, so enjoy the listening of the live versions!

May 16, 2012 Looks like Warp wasn’t too pleased seeing the video and took it down. Watch snippets (meh) from Flying Lotus’ Coachella gig instead.

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  1. […] Watch Flying Lotus Debut New Music Live At Sónar São Paulo 5/15/12 | By Andrew Martin | No Comments I’ve never been lucky enough to see Flying Lotus live — Dave, of course, has — but now I can pretend that I have by watching this professionally shot footage from his performance at Sónar São Paulo. What’s particularly noteworthy about this video isn’t just that it’s not filmed by some faithful concert-goer. It features FlyLo debuting new music off his upcoming album, Until The Quiet Comes, which drops this October “or some shit.” CAN’T BREATHE. [via] […]

  2. avatar THG says:

    Video deleted. Shame.

  3. avatar Leif says:

    you can get it here…these are all just links to mp3 rips of the video