Detroit Not Detroit III

Two years after compiling the first Detroit Not Detroit for Lamixtape, the third and final volume went online this week.

Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I'd like to contribute a mixtape, and now my selection of Detroit-inspired techno is there to stream.

T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

It took a while, but at last there are some t-shirts available for those that want to support this little blog. Designed by Rubens LP and made with love.

Free T-Shirts!

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I've been printing some t-shirts to give away to friends and supporters of this website. Thought I'd give away the first samples I got for free!

As time goes by

About this time a year ago, the current design of the site went online. So I went a little through my files to share some previous incarnations and early drafts with you.