Paul Pre – Ice Cold

If you remember Paul Pre's contribution to our podcast series, you should be interested in getting his latest mixtape.

Volume 08 – mixed by Kelpe

On the occasion of his latest release, the Chocolate Money EP, London based producer Kelpe sat down with us for an interview and contributed to our podcast series.

Martyn – Solar Festival Mix

The first mixtape in ages comes from Martyn and it was recorded at the Solar Festival last summer.

Volume 03 – mixed by Paul Pre

Actually a designer, Paul Pre is best known as DJ behind countless mixtapes. Following contributions to Mondayjazz, Moovmnt and Musique Large, Paul has sent me his latest mixtape

Volume 02 – mixed by Fulgeance

Following the interview with Beats & Faces illustrator Alice Dufay, boyfriend and collaborator Fulgeance has put together this sweet mixtape. A soundtrack for the project if you like.

Volume 01 – mixed by Swede:art

Ever since I started this blog, I have been thinking about adding a podcast. Today, I'm proud to present you its first edition, which was put together by German producer Swede:art.