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Forss – Ecclesia

Fans of the seminal Forss album Soulhack had to wait a whole nine years until a signal that he hasn’t lost his interest in making music. Since then, he was mostly busy launching the SoundCloud platform with his partner Alexander Ljung, but as of today there’s word about a new album: Ecclesia.

It should be of no suprise, that someone as versatile and skilled as Forss releases not just a record, but an audiovisual album “that combines breath-taking electronic music with a stunning app for the iPad.” Collaborators are Viennese digital artist Leo Lass and CGI artist Marcel Schobel.

The opening performance takes place at Berlin’s Berghain club, the app is scheduled to launch the same day. As the “full album” is announced for June 12th, it should be available on more common formats as well.

April 18, 2012 There’s a video previewing the Ecclesia app over at Stereoklang

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  1. avatar Gerhard says:

    This is BIG news !!!!

  2. avatar Gerhard says:

    There’s also an album by Forss, Stoner, Borg some years ago, which is also a big record! I think it’s called “the lector tapes”.

  3. avatar KidVector says:

    Amazing news! Soulhack is still one of my favorite records.