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Dorian Concept Give-Away

Record Sleve

You might remember the Dorian Concept Remixes that Rush Hour gave away on the eve of the album release last year.

Austrian label (and promoter) The Loud Minority pressed two of these on a highly limited 7-inch which is on sale almost exclusively at their parties in Vienna. While a few copies were available on Juno Records for a short time, it now looks like you have to visit the Austrian capital in order to get a copy.

A. Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good
B. Dirty South – Stay Fly

Upcoming releases on TLM Records include new music from Isoul8, The Clonious or that Bill Withers edit. Each will be limited to 300 copies, with only a fraction of those making it to record stores.

And now for the good news.. Fortunately, my Austrian agent was able to get his hands on three copies of the Dorian Concept 7-inch, so I decided to give them away to three lucky ones. There are two ways to enter the competition:

1. You leave a comment and tell your own little Dorian Concept anecdote
2. You start following me on Twitter and click on the Retweet button below

This give-away will end next Sunday (February 28, 2010) and the winners will be chosen the day after. Make sure you enter a valid email-address alongside your comment, because otherwise I can’t contact you. Same goes for Twitter, you need to be a follower so I can send you a direct message. Don’t worry, I treat all personal data with the utmost respect!

March 1, 2010 It’s over, winners will be notified later today!

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  1. avatar HommeDeMoules says:

    Dorian was playing at the Dour Festival (BE) last summer. It was the third day of four so you can imagine a lot of people were already permanently wasted. On the other hand there were others who just visited the festival that day and were still sober. The looks on their faces, beholding a bunch of nuttas, including Dorian bugging out behind his set up, were priceless. At certain moments people would enter the tent, drawn by the ‘techno sound’, would start dancing a bit and then be shocked when Dorian twisted and tweaked the whole tune…
    Was the highlight of my day, since I was sober, knew what Dorian is about, had fun watching the ‘unaware’ and danced my ass off. Knowing, I saw Jazzanova, Black Milk, Mitsu The Beats, Exile & Dj Day,… too that day, it’s clear that he did a splendid job.
    Best of all, in a week or two (6th of March) he’ll be playing with Nosaj Thing and Lefto in our area, so good times coming up again!

    There you go ;)

  2. avatar DanielR says:

    So i came across his synth videos at youtube.com/yorktownrecreation
    i literally jizzed all over my pants.
    so funky…
    and thats my story.

  3. avatar IceTea says:

    One year ago I went to my first Dorian Concept gig …
    Then suddenly, while he was playing, I thought to hear the fire alert at the background .. about 5-10 minutes I think.. I got really confused but there was no smell or smoke or anything and I also saw that the peeps didnt stop to go wild and nobody reacted as I did .. so I thought it was only my imagination that was playin with me and I even thought it could be a part of his show. Afterwards I was told that the fire brigade was at the location for real! But it was nothing serious, it was only a dude, who pushed the fire alarm-button in his drunkeness… but since that, I know I surely can trust my hearing… even over the crazy sounds of Dorian Concept. yeaaaa! 8)

  4. avatar moki says:

    I first saw Dorian playing in London at the WWA. It was a crazy set, I loved it and so did everyone else. Somebody even had a small plastic bouquet of flowers for him. which he threw into the crowd. where my boyfriend caught it. He gave it to me. I put it in my room. there it has a special place sending out tiny white and yellow memories of a great gig at and a great night and a great trip.

  5. avatar toby says:

    i played with dorian in a strange club in Bulgaria that used to be an army officer’s club during the Communist days. i dimly remembered we had an argument about something but i think i dreamt that and his show was empty and great. this was about 1.5 or 2 years ago.

  6. avatar Ishfaq says:

    I had a dream that I met Dorain Concept in my local supermarket, waiting at the fish counter. He told me that if I untied my laces and walked on all fours over to the meat counter, he’d give me one of his 7″s. Of course I did it, but when I stood up and turned around, he’d legged it. If only I could get my hands on that 7″, it might help me put some closure to this…