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B-Ju – Dog Day EP

Record Sleeve

Error Broadcast has been putting out great music for quite a while now, introducing me to new artists such as Shlohmo, AEED, Swede:art or Pixelord. So far their policy was to give away the MP3s for free and selling only the high quality files – a great way to build up a reputation out there.

Next week will see the release of Error Broadcast’s first vinyl-release, a 7-inch from Frankfurt based turntablist and beatsmith B-Ju. While still a youngster, he has already released single tracks through various labels and won a remix contest by Yuksek & Amanda Blank.

Limited to only 100 copies, the disc comes with two originals plus remixes from 1000names and Hermutt Lobby. As usual, Error Broadcast will also put out a digital release with nine tracks in total, including additional remixes from Mux Mool and Benny B. Blonco.

01. Brand New Dust
02. Future Versus
03. High Heels
04. Dog Day
05. Metronoma
06. Dog Day (1000Names Remix)
07. Philly Extra (Herrmutt Lobby Remix)
08. Philly Run (Mux Mool Remix)
09. Soja Extra (Benny B. Blonco Remix)

Copies of the 7-inch are now available for pre-order exclusively from HHV. Everybody else should watch out for the digital release dropping on Bandcamp starting next Monday.

The guys at Error Broadcast were so nice to sent me two white labels which I’m giving away to you. You can win yourself a copy by clicking on the retweet button below and following me on Twitter (otherwise I can’t contact you!) If you’re not using Twitter, you can just leave a comment on this site. Both a random tweeter and my favourite commenter will win a record. This competition ends on April 18, 2010.

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  1. avatar Bram says:

    If you can’t buy it – win it! ( sold out you know ).

  2. avatar Tetsuo says:

    @bram it’s not really sold out yet, according to error broadcast that’s a mistake by hhv

  3. avatar Bram says:

    Damn. Now my comment isn’t eligible to be the winning one anymore : )
    Thanks for the heads up though!

  4. avatar Tom says:

    i’m a little late. where can I buy it? hhv.de says no quantity

  5. avatar Max Robin says:

    The Owl is armed, I repeat, the owl is armed.

  6. avatar blapmatic says:

    Yeeee, would love one!

  7. avatar Lost says:

    Would love to get a copy, but I also wanted to chime in on the good work going on at the site. Found it a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it; so many new sounds/artists for me. Thanks.

  8. […] After this Error Broadcast released Pixelord remixes and some days ago two new releases from Kenlo Cranqnuques and B-ju of which they have pressed some copies in 7″ vinyl that are almost sold out. Error Broadcast is offering some of these and you still can make an  entry to  their competition by following this link. […]

  9. avatar Ira says:

    Musical disc make you jump and twist from the flick of the wrist as I would say

  10. avatar Adamski says:

    @Ira: That was just beautiful! I want that disc…