Volume 18 – mixed by biblo

It’s been a while since our last podcast, but the connection between this and the previous one are tighter than the 9 months gap might suggest. We stay in Turkey and we’re happy to have another female guestmixer: Istanbul-based producer, DJ and radio programmer biblo.

Having been in love with music for as long as she remembers, biblo started playing in several bands before turning towards solo production. Now in her seventh year as biblo, she can look back at a RBMA participation and three albums released on several labels. I first stumbled across her music through Brazilian producer Pazes, before picking up her last record Moved–a record that gets better the more it wears out, as the crackles are a complement to her eerie sounds.

A new album is set for a release in early 2014, followed by several remixes for befriended producers, and–hopefully—a collaborative album with ambient producer Wolf Maps.

Asked about her podcast, biblo calls it an “organically evolving mix which can be listened and enjoyed while working, sleeping, travelling, reading, mourning and making love. For all those quiet but condensed, focused moments in life.”

Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. John Coltrane – Psalm
02. Slow Walkers – Precession
03. Ricardo Donoso – Reflection & Rotation
04. Roll the Dice – Calling All Workers
05. Oneohtrix Point Never – He She
06. [ B O L T ] – Song 2 (biblo Remix)
07. Huerco S – ‘Iińzhiid
08. JK Flesh / Prurient – I Understand You
09. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Roam the Milky Way (feat. Ekin Fil)
10. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Rise
11. Roly Porter – Giant
12. Pyramids/Horseback – A Throne Without a King pt. 2

You can find biblo in all corners of her internet, I’d start by checking out her SoundCloud and Bandcamp profiles, needless to say she also has a Facebook page. You can tune into her radio show every Sunday on 12.00 EEST (GMT+2) or listen to previous shows on Mixcloud. And lastly: If you enjoyed the mix above, make sure to check out her contributions for RBMA Radio as well!

Volume 17 – mixed by Ahu

Back in 2009, we actually wanted to launch this very podcast with a mix from a female producer, but after many delays it unfortunately never materialized. 17 episodes in and we are very proud to announce a mix from one of our favourites: Turkish singer, producer, DJ and radio presenter Ahu. She has worked with the likes of Flying Lotus (as Dolly), Grooveman Spot, Mr Beatnick or Emanative, in 2010 One-Handed Music released her wonderful solo debut, and next on the list will hopefully be her first long player. It was her Vida Ahu Nova! mixtape for Brainfeeder that made us become a fan of her musical selection and eventually lead to this new episode.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Elis Regina – Eu preciso aprender a ser só
02. Orlandivo – Palladium
03. Trio Mocotó – Eu Tou Por Fora da Jogada
04. Cassiano – Me Chame Atenção
05. Lady Zu – Não Deu em Nada
06. Leny Andrade – Sou O Amor, Faço A Vida
07. Célia – Detalhes
08. Marília Medalha – Xaxado de Espantar Tristeza
09. Marcos Valle – Berenice
10. João Donato – Cadê Jodel?
11. Doris Monteiro – Pra Não Padecer

If you enjoyed this, you should listen to Ahu’s RBMA Mixes and her Avant-Garde radioshow which you can stream every Sunday from 8 to 9 pm EET. You can also connect with her on SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook.

Volume 16 – mixed by Lokiboi

Like previous by Gerry Read or B-Ju, our all new podcast aims at the dancefloor. It was mixed by Londoner-based Lokiboi, who you might know from his collaborations with Klic or his excellent Rinse FM mix. Read an interview, download the mix and enjoy the music.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do outside of music?
My full name is Vladimir Strabykin and I am a Moscow-born producer from London. I moved to London at the age of 8 and since then I’ve been exploring the British culture. I am currently doing my last year at South Bank University and I am writing my dissertation on early disco culture.

Do you know that book by Tim Lawrence? He wrote about the American dance music culture of the seventies.
Yes, most of my references are from there. Actually from two books, You Better Work! and Love Saves The Day.

What made you decide to write your dissertation on disco?
I study Music and Sonic media and since I got on the course I’ve been learning about House culture. On my last year I decided to go even deeper, to the days before House existed. It’s like a beginning of everything for me, it’s like being in love but not really understanding why it’s happening.

Was house music of the nineties that got you into producing?
Funnily enough, it all started with Dubstep for me, that was my starting point. Material from around 2006-2009, the Mary Anne-Hobbs show on BBC Radio 1 [sends a YouTube link] played massive role on my understanding of genres. Even these days I find it incredibly inspirational.

So you haven’t really been making music for that long?
No, not really. I use to play in bands when I was like 14, I played the drums. It all started with the drums.

Are you still connected Russia, your country of birth? What do you make of the rising music-scene over there?
I am going back to Moscow all the time. We recently did a party there, it was absolutely great vibes. The scene is definitely rising in Moscow, things are popping off very quickly. Mujuice is great, personally I think he is one of the top Russian lads, but also people like OL and Lapti.

The first stuff I heard from you were collaborations with Klic, how did that come about?
Klic, now also known as Medlar, I’ve met him at university. Straight away he was the only person in class whose sound I was digging. We had similar views and started exploring House and Disco music together. Straight away we did remix swaps and collaborations. We worked together on the Won’t EP on Top Billin and more recently we had  a 12-inch on Kolour Records.

What have you been working on lately, is there any new music coming out?
Yeah, I am currently working on few tunes with Citizen. I also have an EP coming out on R1 Ryder, two tunes and two remixes.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. FCL – It’s You (Charles McCloud & Vin Sol Remix)
02. Maddslinky – Compuphonic
04. Randomer – Get Yourself Together
05. Shadow Child & James Talk – Comb Over
06. Kolombo & Loulou Players – Don’t Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
07. Claude VonStroke – Chimps (Re-Edit)
08. Coat Of Arms – Is This Something
09. Mosca – Murderous
10. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts 3
11. Lung & Maxx Roach – Booty Call (Randomer Remix)
12. Classixx – Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
14. Dusky – Flo Jam

To stay updated on Lokiboi’s doings, you can follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter or Facebook.

Volume 15 – mixed by Huess

It’s been almost two years since we first heard about Huess (pronounced like guess), but now the producer from the British West Country returns with his third release on Inaudible Answer, titled Discards. Two of its tracks can be heard on the mix below, and they’re in good company with music by Kelpe, Om Unit, Clams Casino and others.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy (Huess Felt No Pain Remix)
02. Beak> – Barrow Gurney
03. Faust – Untitled
04. Om Unit x Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo (Om Unit Refix)
05. Huess – Not Afraid
06. Joey Bada$$ feat. Capital Steez – Killuminati
07. 813 – Bibabo
08. Echo Park – Brighta Daze
09. Chic – 26
10. Clams Casino – Never Understand (instrumental)
11. Squadda B – Never Understand
12. Kone – Uncivilized
13. Aquadrop – Mare Tranquillitatis
14. Slime – Anni
15. Royalty feat. Kissey – Eroica (Elliott Yorke Remix)
16. Kelpe – Double Punt
17. Huess – How Close Do You Think is Appropriate? (Big Mister Doom Remix)

For more music by Huess check out his discography on Bandcamp page, and make sure to follow him on SoundCloud.

Volume 14 – mixed by B-Ju

Much has happened since we gave away B-Ju’s Dog Day EP in 2010, the first vinyl to come out on the Italo-German Error Broadcast label. Since the young producer from Hamburg released Prozac People last year (also on Error Broadcast), there has been a notable shift from electronic hip-hop beats to London-flavoured house sounds. The latest examples of his sound can be found on releases from Squelch & Clap and No Brainer.

So who is this B-Ju guy?
I’m a producer and DJ of electronic music, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Besides music I work as a copywriter for advertising which is as boring as it sounds. I also read poets and hug trees.

What’s your first memory of music and how did you end up making music yourself?
The first thing I remember was the full music video of Thriller by Michael Jackson. I guess this memory had more to do with the fact that I was shitting myself than enjoying the music. When I first saw Mr. Len juggling his coloured records in Co-Flows „End to End Burners“ I wanted to become a DJ. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, huh?!

More recently, there has been a change in your sound. Just one of the many sides of B-Ju?
I always heard and made music of different genres. My Dancing in your head record by Ornette Coleman is next to Ludacris’ What’s your fantasy, which isn’t contradictory to me. Even if the intellectual range is monolithic.

There is now a generation of producers that was influenced by videogame sounds, do you feel like a part of that?
I’m a kid of the 8-bit generation too, but I always were a ousider when it came to videogames. All of my friends owned Nintendo consoles, I was the only one with a Sega Mega Drive. But I wouldn’t say that sounds of the videogames influenced my music a lot even if you can hear some of them on my Dog Day EP. I think that most producers build on 8-bit sounds too much. That’s the reason why I never could relate to a genre that is defined by that specific sound.

You don’t see it often that producers release different styles under the same name. Was that a conscious decision?
Yes, it was a decision out of laziness. Promo-wise it’s probably not the best thing to release different styles of music under the same name. I still get messages from promoters like „Oh, I didn’t know that you doing club music now“. But I also start to realize that it seems to be to exhausting for people to stick to one genre. You are not a weirdo anymore if you like artists like Blawan and Shlohmo at the same. I think people are more honest about their own taste nowadays.

What are you up to next?
I’m doing some remixes and I want to release this strange record I’m working on right now. Don’t know when or where. Collabs are also planned, but I can’t say much about that right now. Playing live is a big issue for me, since a lot of people asked me about that. The thing is: I don’t want to be one of those „I trigger my tracks in Ableton, press the play button and add some random lazer effects“-musicians. That’s the reason why I want to take my time to build a live-routine.

How did you choose tracks for the mix?
When I record a mix I mostly try to choose tracks that I wouldn’t play in a club. For this particular mix I mainly took slow and deep house tracks that have a slight Hip-Hop twist. I like the idea of doing a coherent mix that listeners of all kind of genres could relate to.

Can you name some current favourites from your record bag?
Still like the latest release by 123mrk, Refined Madness, and Kidnap Kid’s Alphaville EP. Urulu’s Sincerely 91 is a bomb! I also like Thundercat’s album a lot.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Darling Farah – Fortune
02. Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
03. AppleBottom – Diamondz
04. 813 – Monogamous
05. XI – Nightlife
06. B-Ju – Cry Wolf
07. VVV – Traverse
08. aKido – Epoch (Get High)
09. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch
10. Scratcha DVA – Just Vybe (Soule:Power Mix)
11. LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo Remix)

As B-Ju knows his way around the internet, you can find him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook. If you want to hear more of his mixtapes, you can find them on Mixcloud!

Volume 13 – mixed by The Reboot Joy Confession

It feels weird when you talk to a someone who wouldn’t reveal much about himself, but then I understand an artist’s motive to speak only through the music, as it lets one listen without prejudice. Our latest podcast comes from such an individual: The Reboot Joy Confession. Following several releases on Soulphiction’s Philpot Records, he recently released his debut album Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise on the same label. The album is one of the few these days that’s not afraid to cross boundaries, and I recommend to anyone who’s not afraid to discover something new or different.

As for the mix, it’s not as exclusive as we usually keep it. It’s been aired on radio a couple of weeks ago, but to extend the circle of listeners we got the permission to make it part of our podcast series.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)no tracklist, sorry

You can listen to parts of the album on SoundCloud, as well as to some of his other music. There’s also a Facebook page, if you’re down with that.

And lastly, here are some place where you can buy the album: Rush Hour, Decks, Juno, or HHV (a digital release is expected to follow!)

Volume 12 – mixed by Jay Scarlett

It’s a bit of a flowery phrase, but I guess Munich-based Jay Scarlett tastemaker really shouldn’t need an introduction. Together with Cinnaman, he has released the seminal Beat Dimensions compilations and is regarded by many as the ambassador for beat music. Under the name of Ampsoul Generation, he presents new artists on a blog and radio-show, and for a short time he has been operating the Ubeat label.

We asked Jay to play some of his favourite tracks of the moment and asked him a handful of questions on the scene and the state of Beat Dimensions.


Can you describe what the scene was like at the time you released the first Beat Dimensions? What was your motivation to do so?
The motivation behind the project was simply try to tap into a demographic of producers that weren’t getting their music out to the world because of various reason mainly the confidence level or the path to release it.

Were you surprised how this kind of music took off on a worldwide scale? what has changed?
Surprise yes in terms of how well it was received & how many people were actually looking for a new change in the scene i think these were some of the reason it did quite well on reception.

These days every blog releases its own beat compilation, but unfortunately they often mistake quantity with quality, there seems to be no curation at all. What are your opinions on that?
I agree with the quantity over quality but like most things you find a path to work and the quality purposely gets better with the understanding of whats expected.

That said, are there any plans for another Beat Dimensions and what will be the challenge?
Beat Dimensions has been laid to rest for the present. Partially because the individual ethos might have changed & the necessity to want to continue might be placed somewhere else.

Can you name some releases you enjoyed most this year or look forward to?
Plenty of artists consistently coming thru and i think to name a few is always something thats hard to do with so many new producers just to touch on some. I personally like Bobby Tank, Danny Scrilla, Moresounds, Deft, Manni Dee, Kindness, EAN, DZA, Boyfriend, Darkhouse Fam, Hazeem, Mieux, Pitchben, Skyence, KRTS, Midnight Davis, OL, Pixelord, Clams Casino, heRobust, Ambassadeurs, Lost Twin, Ta-ku, Tensei… could go on.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Tensei – 100 Ton Press
02. Swindle – Do The Jazz
03. Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
04. Eloq – Fruitsy Collins
05. Débruit – Ata
06. Barrington Levy – Vibes Is Right (Om Unit Edit)
07. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Danny Scrilla Refix)
08. Dibia$e – Some Act Right
09. Midnight Davis – Haze
10. Dza – Finger Snaps (Shigeto Remix)
11. Eloq – Last Night A Random Girl
12. Herma Puma – Pokerface (Lopez Remix)
13. Houseshoes feat. Jimetta Rose – Castles
14. Hazeem – Cosmic Healer
15. Tensei – Passport
16. Kindness – House
17. Ghostface Killah – Mighty Deadly (4di Remix)
18. Om Unit X Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo
19. SirOj – Natalie Portman
20. Illum Sphere – An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) (Dabyre Remix)
21. Bee Gees – Love You Inside Out
22. Oh No & Doom – 3 Dollars
23. Just-Ice – Cold Getting Dumb
24. Leo Sunship – Give Me The Sunshine (mini – tro
25. Vessel – Standard
26. Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (Lapalux Remix)
27. Herma Puma – Jollys (Ariya vs The Ones Edit)
28. The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Power Of Love (Om Unit Edit)

We hope you enjoy this little mix by Jay Scarlett. To stay connected on his activities, find him on Twitter, SoundCloud and Mixcloud.

Volume 11 – mixed by K15

It’s been a while since we last had a podcast and we’re very happy to announce this new one by London’s K15, a good friend and very talented producer. We’ll start with an interview and you can listen to a selection of his tunes, and you can listen to the wonderful mix he came up with at the bottom of this page.


What is your first memory of music and what got you into making music yourself?
Music was kinda always in my house, from my mum and my dad. But then I guess it would’ve been in my teenage years, when I was listening a lot of jungle and a lot of drum’n’bass. And I was just in awe of everything produced at the time, drum programming and samples. It was only when I got older when I realized what sampling actually was and where they were taking their sounds from. But that whole thing really got to me. So I used to go to school and I did music as a GCSE. There was a teacher, he had a copy of Cubase, and I tried to make drum’n’bass tracks and they were simply awful by any standard. But that’s when I realized this is fun, but I need to find a way to do it at some stage. And I didn’t do any music in terms of production stuff for years. Then software kinda got better and someone introduced me to Reason. I was listening to a lot of rap music and obviously to people like Jay Dee, Madlib, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, 88-Keys, all of those guys. I thought I need to try and do this, so it was just years of figuring out ways to create music and not just listening to albums, but studying them, watching interviews, reading interviews. It was around that time, that I realized that actually that is something that’s gonna stick with me for a period of time.

How old were you at the time?
The jungle stuff would’ve been about 13/14 and I was DJing at the time aswell, or learning to DJ and buying records. The production stuff would’ve been 2001, so eleven years ago which is a long period of time to do anything. Some years later, here I am, still the same in my room doing music, buying records.

Give us an insight to the gear you use, do you prefer hardware or software?
I use this guys here, this is an MPC2000XL, so I used that but a lot of it has been software, only because software is kind of easier to get ideas down. Because I attempt to play keyboards and stuff, I have more of a range of sounds in software than I do in my MPC. So just out of convenience, software tends to be my go-to platform. But I’m still very much of a keen MPC advocate and I do still use it from time to time. Sonically, to me my MPC always sounds ten times more intense in terms of the drums than any software I’ve ever used. It just has that raw audio quality, whereas a lot of the sounds in the software I use is heavily compressed before you even do anything. The MPC has an edge to me in terms in sound.

I know you have an incredibly wide range of interest when it comes to music, how does this affect your own production?
I wanted to sound like what I heard as great music, so I wanted to really get my boombap sample stuff tight and for ages I did nothing but focus on that. And then I discovered guys like 4hero and Domu and instantly I thought, hang on a second, there are other rhythms that I could try to do. The rap/soul has always been what I’ve been striving to do, but then over the years I’ve made a lot of house music, a lot of ambient music, and a lot of weird techno type of music. I think it’s because I’m interested in a lot of types of music, is why I don’t just make one thing. I’m literally just finishing an EP and a lot of that is house-ish or dance-ish type music. I’m into all kind of music, so at some stage I’m gonna attempt to butcher a genre and do something with it man [laughs]

You first told me about your EP way back, but it only came out recently. What took you so long?
[laughs] You know what, that EP was meant to come out some years ago and it didn’t, which is fine. I think I’m slightly choosy about what I tend to put out in any way. It just kinda came when it was ready. So that came through WotNot, which is a label in London that put out very amazing modern electronic type of music. One of the guys who is behind it all, I met him over Twitter, met him for a coffee and he’s just the most delightful person. He was always interested in my music, I sent him some bits and he thought cool, let’s do this. I think the way labels work now, or this particular label, is just interest in people, who have a passion for music, different types of music, who come together and want to be part of something. They’re really cool guys, encouraging me to do more stuff. That was fun, it [Theme Music For A Pariah] came out in March of this year.

You must have made a lot of new music since you first finished that EP…
Yeah, I pretty much do music every day. So I get up, go to work, I come home and when come home I go to work again, it’s just music. Music gets made more or less every day. There are two projects that I just finished, two EPs that I’ve done, I’m just trying to get the artwork sorted for that. There’s another project called Culross Close, which is like a band, but it’s like a weird imaginary band, so all the different parts are played by musicians, but all the musicians are just figments of my imaginations. Or maybe they’re all me, I don’t know. There’s a lot of different types of music waiting to come out.

Any good shows you’ve seen recently?
The last week was kind of crazy, I saw the Robert Glasper Experience on Monday. Dude, that was insaaaaaaaane, insane! They played for like three hours, Bilal was there, Lalah Hathaway was there as a guest vocalist. I’ve seen Robert Glasper too many times, I don’t even count, but that show, the size and the feel of it was just magnificent. To see the diversity in his audience that he has now, on the back of this one album, ridiculous. Then on Wednesday I saw Thundercat at Fabric, he’s always a good guy to see, because he just noodles on the bass for ages. Then I saw Kaidi Tatham again on Thursday. I’m going to the Watch The Throne show tomorrow. Lots and lots of shows have been happening and I’m checking out some parties as well. There’s a record label, Eglo, and they have parties every so often and I go and see those guys DJ. There’s Swamp 81 that put good parties on as well and I need to spend some more time there. And the WotNot guys had massive party in conjuction with Lunice and that was a really big thing. This Thursday the WotNot guys are doing a Ustream and there’ll be a group of us DJing, telling jokes and doing some readings from Oscar Wilde.

Any good records you’ve been buying recently?
I bought a pianist called Vijay Iyer, he got a new album out called Accelerando, one of the tracks off the album is on the mix. I’ve been buying a lot of deep house stuff, a lot of Glenn Underground, some old house records, some Kenny Dope and Louie Vega stuff. And a lot of classical stuff as well. Stravinsky, Debussy, Sibelius, just lots of random stuff which is always kinda crazy to listen to, cause you play that and then you sit back at your computer to try and make something and you’re just humbled for like a week. You realize, just stop this, this is what music is supposed to sound like, this is serious.

And lastly, what kind of records did you pick for the mix?
There’s a little bit of everything. I buy a lot of records and initially I used to buy just to sample and then I realized I actually like a lot of the stuff I was buying, so now I just buy music because I enjoy playing records and pretending to DJ every now and again. So on the mix there’s some Larry Heard, some Jessica Williams, Jean Grae, Marcellus Pittman, lots and lots of different records that I bought in the last few months. There was probably an expectation that I was just gonna play hip hop music or electronic instrumental music. I’m into everything, so I tried to keep it as varied as possible and throw the odd Steve Reich loop in there just for the fun. Lots of good music, songs I generally play in my spare time and enjoy listening to.


Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Vijay Iver Trio – The star of a story
02. Happy The Man – Upon The Rainbow
03. Larry Heard – Missing you
04. Omar S & Kai Alice – Jive Time (unreleased beats)
05. Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside
06. Bicep – Stripper
07. N’n’G – I Keep
08. Marcellus Pittman – Razz09
09. Glenn Underground – Chicago Theme
10. Steve Reich – Come out
11. Claus Ogermann Orchestra – Caprice
12. Isotope – Attila
13. Jean Grae – Love Song
14. Camp Lo – Luchini (aka This Is It)
15. The Roots – Concerto of the Desperado (instrumental)
16. Steve Spacek – Peep Live Show
17. Jessica Williams – Return To The Portal of Antrim

You can find of more K15’s music on his SoundCloud profile, on Bandcamp, and he talks about music on Twitter as well.

Volume 10 – mixed by Ritornell

Only a couple of days after our 3rd anniversary (previous claims were based on a rounding error), here is our tenth podcast mixed Austrian duo by Ritornell. The Austrian duo consists of Roman Gerold and Richard Eigner. If you haven’t heard their debut album Golden Solitude on Karaoke Kalk, you should’ve run across their stellar remix for Misel Quitno or maybe Dorian Concept’s remix of The Light, which featured Ninja Tune’s Andreya Triana on vocals.

Together they run their own label Wald Entertainment, and Richard also played the drums on Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and the last Dimlite EP. With the latter he also performed live on several occasions, you might remember this video of Kalimba Lifeswamp.

For this mixtape, they chose music from their Karaoke Kalk mates, a brand new remix for Abby Lee Tee and some of their favorites.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Static – Motobecane
02. Abby Lee Tee – Morning Scene (Ritornell Rework)
03. Memotone – Eating The Sun
04. Origamibiro – Quad Time (Leafcutter John Remix)
05. Radiohead – Seperator (Four Tet Remix)
06. Fourcolor – Skating Azure
07. Tied And Tickled Trio & Billy Hart – The End Is The Same As The Beginning
08. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Reshadub
09. Klaus – Pim
10. Cleptoclectics – Mix Vertically
11. Populous – Clap Like Breeze
12. (Secret Track)
13. One Little Plane – Rise
14. Fennesz – Reshift

Ritornell are currently working on their second album, as well as on an audiovisual interpretation of Nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek‘s play “MACHT NICHTS – Eine Kleine Trilogie des Todes”. Both are set for a release next year.

In the meantime check out tracks and remixes on their SoundCloud page, get more mixtapes on Percussion Lab, and connect via Twitter or Facebook.

Volume 09 – mixed by Gerry Read

Around the time when our last podcast came out, UK’s Gerry Read released his debut on the Dark Arx label. That was quite some time ago and since then Gerry’s interested shifted from deep, techy dubstep to straight house music. Like on his last mixtape, Gerry continue to shows his love for house on this guestmix.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)tracklist not available, sorry

We decided against an interview this time, but if you want to find out more, Sonic Router and Get Some talked to the man a while ago.

While Gerry Read has a page on SoundCloud page, you will have to visit Dark Arx and Live Ones to hear some of his music. His forthcoming 12-inch will be released through the new Ramp Recordings sublabel Fourth Wave, snippets of that just went online.

Volume 08 – mixed by Kelpe

On the occasion of his latest release, the Chocolate Money EP, London based producer Kelpe sat down with us for an interview and contributed to our podcast series. Listen to some of his current favourites, music from his peers and some of his own productions.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Arp – Summer Girl
02. Dunian – Where is The Problem
03. Ichiro – Sumiyoshi
04. Prefuse 73 – Invigorate
05. Huess – A Simple Method (Beats)
06. Young Montana – Bad Day
07. DZA & Mujuice – Bullseye (Dizz1 Instrumental Remix)
08. Ghost Mutt – Sasquatch (Coco Bryce Remix)
09. All These Fingers – So Serial
10. Kelpe – Chocolate Money
11. Melkeveien vs. Nino – Yo! (Slugabed Remix)
12. Pixelord – Hypnofrog
13. Clause Four – Original Whackoff
14. Space Dimension Controller – 2EZ (Autopilots Lament)
15. Architeq – Into The Cosmos (Mr Beatnick Dub)
16. Dabrye – Smoking The Edge
17. Light Club – Scirocco Night Drive
18. Huess – I’d Rather Be The Hunter (Kelpe Remix)

You can listen to more of Kelpe’s own productions on his SoundCloud page, watch videos and download mixes from his own website. Or follow his activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Volume 07 – mixed by Klic

Signed to the newly founded Hit and Hope label, Brighton based Klic (aka Medlar) is a young producer forging a sound somewhere between techno and garage. For the latest podcast, he put together new music from the likes of Actress, Greymatter, Throwing Snow and some of his own, mostly unreleased music.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Naive Machine – Afrika
02. Throwing Snow – Delorean
03. Greymatter – When I Was Lost (Milyoo Remix)
04. Greymatter – Only To Fall
05. FCL – Let’s Go
06. The Incredible Bongo Band – Sharp Nine (Klic Remix)
07. The Mountain People – Mountain010.1
08. Herbert – Close To Me
09. Actress – Always Human
10. Klic & Greymatter – Thinking About You
11. Vince Watson – Intrisync
12. Kelvin K – MYloveisTRUE
13. STL & Stephen Hitchell – Dub Zero (Rever Dub House Remix)
14. Pole – Huckenpack
15. Shed – The Bot
16. Klic – Moniker
17. Article – Landn E.L.O
18. Peverelist – Fighting Without Fighting
19. Marchmellow & Riskotheque – I Need Ya

If you’ve enjoyed this mix, please read this interview with Klic and check him out on SoundCloud or MySpace. You can also vote for this mix on Mixcloud!

Volume 06 – mixed by Dza

Moscow based DJ, beatmaker and producer Dza was one of the big discoveries for me at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in London. We soon connected and agreed to do a feature of some kind, but first he had to complete a beat tape for Error Broadcast, record a mix for RBMA Radio and ready his forthcoming EP on Jus Like Music. Today I’m not unveiling this all new podcast episode, but also an interview with the man, in which he speaks about growing up in Russia, his influences and his upcoming releases.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Caffeteria (Vaiper & Serumas) – Medicamende Pt. 2
02. Fat Complex – Earth Hop
03. Kunteynir – Ольга Марковна
04. SPH9000 feat. MC Detectiv – Filippino e la Droga
05. Cops on Fire – Кто убил копа? (prod. by Dza)
06. Dak – Hunch
07. Dunian – Where is the problem
08. Lapti – Привидение с мотором
09. Dr. Robutnik – Motorboat soul
10. Lapti – Double Trigger
11. AEED – Error Code (Ichiro_ remix, reworked by Dza)
12. Tuxedo Kamen – Spacegoggles
13. Tuxedo Kamen – Entertainment system
14. AD Bourke – Flight Deck
15. Ariel Pink – Haunted graffiti
16. Matthewdavid – Wondering visiting ballad wondering
17. Delarosa and Asora – Suki Swims
18. Hymie’s Basement – Moonhead
19. Линда – Танец под водой

You can find Dza on SoundCloud, MySpace and Twitter. If you’re fluent in Russian, please check out the how2make website!

Volume 05 – mixed by Brendon Moeller

For the latest podcast we’re staying in housey territories, as no other but South Africa born, NYC based Brendon Moeller steps up to provide another great mixtape. Being a restless producer of electronic dub-inspired music, be it techno or dubstep, you have read his name on this blog one or the other time.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Newworldaquarium – Kirana’s Lament
02. Xenon – Galaxi (Idjut Boys Edit)
03. Bottin – Auricola Judae
04. Daniel Stefanik – Reactivity
05. Soulphiction – Liberation Dub (previously unreleased)
06. Lightness – Burning Mercury
07. STL – Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway
08. Ron Trent – Morning Factory
09. Jeff Mills – A Universal Voice That Speaks To All That Will Listen
10. Moodymann – Talker (Drum Dub Mix)
11. George Morel – Let’s Groove
12. Salt City Orchestra – Storm (Stormin Da Beats)
13. Cabaret Voltaire – Inside The Electronic Revolution
14. Luciano – Metodisma
15. Jim Rivers – Full Tilt (Wehbba Remix)
16. Guillaume – I Was On My Way To Hell
17. Pacou – Modular
18. Arpanet – Quantum State Recombination
19. Mike Dehnert – One
20. Kowton – Countryman
21. James Ruskin – The Outsider
22. Carl Craig – Clear And Present

Brendon regularly updates his SoundCloud profile with you tracks and mixtapes. He also runs his own website and can be found on MySpace.

Volume 04 – mixed by Ka§par

When I spoke to Ka§par about making a feature, we weren’t quite sure when or where we first met. We agreed it must have been around 2002 and it was the 4hero forum, that brought us together. Having been a fan of his music for just that long, it was inevitable to ask him for a mix.

Ka§par is Lisbon-based Joao Pires, a longtime DJ and producer. He started putting out records in 2004 with his former partner Jackzen. Together they contributed a broken beat flavoured tune for the Transcendances compilation on the Portuguese Groovement label. Another notable record of the duo is the hard to find Transatlantic Twist EP on which they remixed Moonstarr.

As a solo artist, Ka§par does more house-oriented music, ranging from soulful to dubby sounds. Last year saw the release of the Mamilo EP on 4lux, another record on Groovement followed this year. And this was only a first teaser to his soon to be released album.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Cosmic Rocker – Special
02. Silicon Soul – The Strip
03. Rob – Make it Slow (Gerd Edit)
04. Szimansky – Lover’s Quarrel
05. Andrés – Jack City
06. Dismasters – Small Time Hustler
07. Ka§par – Dark Distraction (DJ Ride Remix)
08. Luke Vibert – Orch Garage
09. Floating Points – Truly
10. Johnwaynes – Falling Leaves (Social Disco Club Remix)
11. Alison Limerick – Make it on my own (Blue Boy Remix)
12. Mr. De – Please Believe It
13. Volcov & Paradox – Soulbreeze
14. Ka§par – Music Life
15. Atmosfear – Spaced Out (François K’s Hard Mix)
16. A Made Up Sound – Rework
17. Titonton – Avenues
18. Deadboy – U Cheated
19. Global Communication – The Groove
20. Amplified Orchestra – CTRL ALT DLT
21. Ka§par – Hauser’s Blues
22. Alice Russell – Universe (Photonz Killer Remix)
23. Nebraska – Masala Dosa
24. Stevie Wonder – Race Babbling
25. Ike – Diskadenz
26. Tiago & Kaos – Mucho Swash
27. Robert Hood – And We Build
28. Ka§par – Son Of Man
29. Jah Wobble – Get Carter

To hear some of his own music, check out this interview with Ka§par in the making. You can also find him on on SoundCloud and MySpace, or visit the Mamilo website for some more of his mixtapes.