Volume 18 – mixed by biblo

For our latest podcast, we stay in Turkey to present the Istanbul-based producer, DJ and radio programmer biblo. Find out about her music and listen to her hour-long guestmix.

Volume 17 – mixed by Ahu

Today, we are very proud to announce a new podcast episode from one of our favourites: Turkish singer, producer, DJ and radio presenter Ahu.

Volume 16 – mixed by Lokiboi

The all new podcast comes from London's Lokiboi, another fine example of a dubstep follower discovering his passion for raw house music.

Volume 15 – mixed by Huess

Just as Huess released a new EP on London's Inaudible Answer label, he sent us this mixtape containing his own productions as well as music by peers such as Kelpe, Om Unit, or Clams Casino.

Volume 14 – mixed by B-Ju

Much has happened since we first wrote about Hamburg's B-Ju, most notably a change from hip-hop beats to a UK house sound. Read about how that came about and listen to a delicious mixtape.

Volume 13 – mixed by The Reboot Joy Confession

We wrote about The Reboot Joy Confession on several occasions, the last time when his album came out on Soulphiction's label. Today we want to share with you a mixtape by the mysterious producer.

Volume 12 – mixed by Jay Scarlett

We approached Munich-based Jay Scarlett tastemaker for a selection of his favourite tunes right now and asked him a couple of questions on the state of Beat Dimensions.

Volume 11 – mixed by K15

It's been a while since we last had a podcast and we're very happy to announce this new one by London's very own K15.

Volume 10 – mixed by Ritornell

Our tenth podcast not only marks a numeric milestone, it's Austrian duo Ritornell who are giving it a very special touch. Like their own music, this is a journey through ambiance and experimental sounds.

Volume 09 – mixed by Gerry Read

Having put his name on the map with his Patterns EP on Dark Arx, Gerry Read has recently shown high interest in house music. And he delivers nothing but quality house on this guestmix.

Volume 08 – mixed by Kelpe

On the occasion of his latest release, the Chocolate Money EP, London based producer Kelpe sat down with us for an interview and contributed to our podcast series.

Volume 07 – mixed by Klic

For the latest podcast, young Brighton based producer Klic plays a selection of dubstep, garage and house.

Volume 06 – mixed by Dza

Moscow based DJ and producer Dza has put together a selection of his current favourites for the all new podcast. Click to listen!

Volume 05 – mixed by Brendon Moeller

For the latest podcast we're staying in housey territories, as no other but South Africa born, NYC based Brendon Moeller steps up to provide another great mixtape.

Volume 04 – mixed by Ka§par

When I spoke to Ka§par about making a feature, we weren't quite sure when or where we first met. We agreed it must have been around 2002 and it was the 4hero forum that brought us together. Having been a fan of his music for just that long, it was inevitable to ask him for a mix.

Volume 03 – mixed by Paul Pre

Actually a designer, Paul Pre is best known as DJ behind countless mixtapes. Following contributions to Mondayjazz, Moovmnt and Musique Large, Paul has sent me his latest mixtape

Volume 02 – mixed by Fulgeance

Following the interview with Beats & Faces illustrator Alice Dufay, boyfriend and collaborator Fulgeance has put together this sweet mixtape. A soundtrack for the project if you like.

Volume 01 – mixed by Swede:art

Ever since I started this blog, I have been thinking about adding a podcast. Today, I'm proud to present you its first edition, which was put together by German producer Swede:art.