Detroit Not Detroit III

Two years after compiling the first Detroit Not Detroit for Lamixtape, the third and final volume went online this week.

My First Mixtape

The guys at Colectivo Futuro approached me a while ago for a contribution to their long-running podcast series. Just in time for grey October, I came up with this selection of melancholic music.

Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I'd like to contribute a mixtape, and now my selection of Detroit-inspired techno is there to stream.

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Click here to enter a give-away where you can win one of these totes printed with the same Rubens Lp's illustration you can find on our line of shirts.

A giveaway instead of a giveaway

The plan was to give away some records today, but in fact they haven't arrived yet. While I'm in the mood to give, I decided to give away some of these shirts.

T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

It took a while, but at last there are some t-shirts available for those that want to support this little blog. Designed by Rubens LP and made with love.

Free T-Shirts!

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I've been printing some t-shirts to give away to friends and supporters of this website. Thought I'd give away the first samples I got for free!

As time goes by

About this time a year ago, the current design of the site went online. So I went a little through my files to share some previous incarnations and early drafts with you.

SoundCloud Blog of the Week

The folks at SoundCloud figured I'm using their player widgets quite often and asked me what that's all about.

New Layout!

You were probably suspicious about the few articles in the last week, and indeed I was busy finishing this new layout. I consider this only a step towards the new site, but I found it important to give some older …