Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

As if the unmasking of Captain Murphy hasn’t been enough Flying Lotus news for a day, Warp has unveiled the second video off Until The Quiet Comes. It was directed by David Lewandowski, who has previously worked with some bigger artists and did the opening titles for Tron Legacy, and stars actor Elijah Wood. Probably inspired by my namesake’s mutation in the movie Akira?

November 30, 2012 If you’re interested in how this was done, take a look behind the scenes. This also confirms that the video was inspired by Akira!

Nautic – Fixxx

Following releases on One-Handed Music and R&S, London’s Bullion started his own label Deek Recordings earlier this year. The second release is a 7-inch by Nautic, a trio consisting of Tic, Laura Groves and Bullion himself. The record will be in stores starting December 3, 2012, pre-orders are available from Boomkat and Rush Hour. Digital buyers will be able to get it directly from the label.

Captain Murphy – Duality

Captain Murphy - DualityLast night at Low End Theory, one of the more recent mysteries has been revealed: Flying Lotus himself is Captain Murphy. There has been some speculation about his involvement behind the scenes, but nobody could have expected him to be hiding behind that beard. So, now that we know there is also an official download for the beat tape, which also means that you probably caught a YouTube rip before.

01. Disciples
02. El Topo (Prod. Alejandro Jodorowsky)
03. Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Prod. Flying Lotus)
04. The Ritual (Prod. Just Blaze and Jeremiah Jae)
05. Between Friends Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Prod. Flying Lotus)
06. Children of the Atom (Prod. Madlib and Flying Lotus)
07. Jalapeños (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
08. Gloe (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
09. The Killing Joke (Prod. Flying Lotus)
10. Hovercrafts and Cows (Prod. Flying Lotus)
11. Gone Fishing Ft. Jeremiah Jae (Prod. Flying Lotus)
12. Drive Thru (Prod. SAMIYAM)
13. Immaculation Ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae
14. The Prisoner (Prod. Teebs)
15. ___BONUS Shake Weight (Prod. TNGHT)

Actually, make that two downloads, one for the deluxe version and another for the instrumentals. Comes with separate artworks for each of the tracks, too!

December 3, 2012 Watch Captain Murphy and Earl Sweatshirt performing Between Friends live at Low End Theory, video courtesy of Theo Jemison

Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue

Turns out that teaser from some weeks back didn’t have much to do with the final version of the new Nosaj Thing video. You might not even want to call it a music video, it certainly feels more like the backdrop for a dance performance. But it’s a nice one, don’t you think?  It’s the work of Daito Manabe, Japanese multimedia artist and best known for electric stimulus experiments, or more recently the video for FaltyDL’s Straight & Arrow.

For more insights on the making of this video and an interview with the artist, check out The Creators Project. As for the music, the track featuring Kazu Makino on vocals is already available on 10-inch and digital through Innovative Leisure.

FaltyDL – ……..

A couple of years ago, I called Drew Lustman (aka FaltyDL) the rightful successor to Domu, a statement that’s probably a bit bold. Sure, every now and then you can hear a slice of broken beat in his productions, but Drew has always been interested in exploring different kinds of music: garage, dubstep, house, or even IDM. It’s probably the constant experimenting, stretching the boundaries of genres, the drive of the beats and the subliminal melancholic undertone that makes me draw such a comparison.

Above you can hear one a new track by the NYC-based producer and I think confirms all that I’ve said in the first paragraph. No additional information has been supplied, but I have some doubt that it’s taken from his forthcoming album. Speaking of which, Hardcourage will be out on January 22, 2013. A first single, Straight & Arrow, is already available in stores and it comes with a wonderful remix by Four Tet.

Herbert – Bodily Functions

One of the finest house albums of the past decade, Matthew Herbert’s Bodily Functions, is getting a special edition re-release to celebrate its 11th anniversary. The first disc is practically unchanged, while the second disc collects the remixes that were previously available on several vinyl releases only, including the brilliant Recloose version of Leave Me Now and Jamie Lidell’s outlook to his Multiply album that followed years later.

Known best as a conceptual artist, Herbert used sounds from the body’s organs to create the record and added vocals by his then-wife Dani Siciliano and Shingai Shoniwa on top of that. The album has been included to Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the 2000s and ranks #16 on Resident Advisor‘s top 100 of that decade.

CD 1
01. You’re Unknown To Me
02. It’s Only
03. Foreign Bodies
04. Suddenly
05. I Know
06. Leave Me Now
07. The Last Beat
08 You Saw It All
09. On Reflection
10. About This Time Each Day
11. Addiction
12. I Miss You
13. It’s Only A Reprise
14. The Audience

CD 2
01. Back To The Start (Mr.Oizo ‘Non’ Mix)
02. You Saw It All (DJ Koze Mix)
03. The Audience vs Jamie Lidell and The Famous Szizlas
04. Foreign Bodies (Plaid Mix)
05. Leave Me Now (Recloose Mix)
06. Foreign Bodies (Dave Aju Mix)
07. Back To The Start (Herbert)
08. Suddenly (Phil Parnell’s Pianissimo Play Through)
09. Addiction (Nobukazu Takemura Mix)
10. Leave Me Now (Richard Devine Mix)
11. The Audience (Matmos Shifted My Tongue)
12. Addiction (Perry Farrel Version)
13. It’s Only (DJ Koze Mix)

A1. You Saw It All (DJ Koze Mix)
A2. Foreign Bodies (Dave Aju Mix)
B1. Back To The Start
B2. Back To The Start (Mr. Oizo ‘Non’ Mix)

Also included are new remixes by Dave Aju and DJ Koze, two of them will appear on an accompanying 12-inch. All of that glory will be in stores on December 17, pre-cursing the Herbert Complete boxset set for a release in early March.


Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart are JETS (yes, it’s their initials), already one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. Their debut EP came out on Leisure System and a full-lenght will hopefully follow in the not so distant future. British Fact Magazine asked them to contribute to their podcast and you can listen to that one below.

JETS Elements Radio Vol. 1
01. Machinedrum – Dentist Beat (unreleased)
02. Jimmy Edgar – Do Something Bad (unreleased)
03. Machinedrum – Want Me (unreleased)
04. Steek – Disco Cesar (Jimmy Edgar Rediscovery Foundation Remix)
05. JETS – Lazerkords (unreleased)
06. Three 6 Mafia – Who Run It (Machinedrum Remix)
07. Luxury – Crucified (Jimmy Edgar remix)
08. Jimmy Edgar – I Wanna Be Your STD (Instrumental)
09. Sepalcure – The Water’s Fine (forthcoming Hotflush)
10. Jimmy Edgar – 18th Street Reflections (unreleased)
11. Machinedrum – Don’t Want 2 Lose You (unreleased)
12. Aliya Lenya – My Man Aint Shit I Need a New One (unreleased)
13. Machinedrum – Back Seat Ho (unreleased)
14. Jimmy Edgar – 84 Beat (unreleased)
15. Machinedrum & Prefuse 73 – The Only Scarf (unreleased)
16. KW – It’s Time (Jimmy Edgar remix)
17. Machinedrum – She’s So Real (unreleased)
18. Body Language – Lose my Head (Jimmy Edgar remix)
19. Barker & Baumecker – No Body (Machinedrum remix)
20. Jimmy Edgar – You Took My Love (unreleased)
21. Machinedrum – Take Kuntrol (unreleased)
22. Jimmy Edgar – Higher (instrumental)
23. Machinedrum – Neujack (unreleased)
24. Jimmy Edgar – Sh Baby
25. Machinedrum – Swagmoi (unreleased)
26. Jimmy Edgar – Latin Sunrise Dub (unreleased)
27. Machinedrum – Hell No
28. Jimmy Edgar – Funktion of your Love (Machinedrum remix)
29. Morris Nightingale – Untitled 9 (unreleased)
30. JETS – Sin Luv With U

You might also want to check out this recent interview with Jimmy and Travis.

Ogris Debris – Around Here (Sixtus Preiss Remix)

A couple of days ago, we mentioned the forthcoming Next Life EP by Austrian duo Ogris Debris and posted one of its remixes. With only one day to go until you can buy the record (the digital is already out), label-mate Sixtus Preiss has uploaded his own remix to his SoundCloud page. Fans of Hudson Mohawke, don’t sleep on this one!

Austin Peralta live at Futura

To commemorate the late Austin Peralta, Alpha Pups’ Daddy Kev has uploaded a recording of the full concert from the Endless Planets release party. The concert took place on February 11, 2011 and features Austin Peralta on keys, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Sam Gendel on the saxophone, Ryan McGillicuddy on bass, Zach Harmon on drums, and Earnest Blount on electronics. Witness 72 minutes of fantastic live jazz with an introduction by Flying Lotus.

Austin Peralta, 1990-2012

Austin Peralta, 1990-2012

When I first read about Austin Peralta‘s passing today, I was confused. Why would a young man leave us so soon? I don’t usually write about the dead, but in this case I was touched too deeply. Austin Peralta was exciting for many reasons. A young gifted musician born in California with a passion for jazz, that alone stands out in days like these. His father is a legend of his own, surfer and pioneering skateboarder Stacy Peralta, original Z-Boy, founder of the iconic Powell-Peralta brand, and director of Dogtown and Z-Boys, Riding Giants and the forthcoming Bones Brigade documentary. In his short lifetime, Austin released three albums, the last one came out on the forward-thinking Brainfeeder label. Despite label-head Flying Lotus’ own jazz background, it was a bit of an unlikely choice, an oddity, but it also widened the perception of Brainfeeder as a label releasing more than beats made in LA. More importantly, it put the name Austin Peralta on the map for a lot of people, including myself. The release of Endless Planets certainly played a part leading to collaborations with The Cinematic Orchestra, Thundercat, Teebs or Amon Tobin. I had the pleasure to see Austin perform live at the Worldwide Awards in London, probably my best concert all year. The joy of playing the keys was written over his face, it’s one of those attributes of a musician that touches me as much as hearing the music. It was a special moment, so much talent in one place and it made me wonder about the things to come. He left way too soon, but he will not be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

Brainfeeder put together a selection of his works and live perfomances on their website, there’s a recording from the Maida Vale session on Heidi Vogel’s SoundCloud, and of course I invite you to revisit this live jam with Taylor McFerrin or the rehearsals from the Endless Planets release party.

November 23, 2012 Found an old interview in L.A. Record

January 15, 2013 The L.A. Weekly has an extended article on Austin worth reading. Also, in case you missed it, watch his last interview at Warsoul Sessions

The Gaslamp Killer – Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun

The collaboration between The Gaslamp Killer and Dimlite is one of the highlights on Breakthrough, the debut album from the LA-native and Brainfeeder-affiliate. Watch the Twin Peaks-inspired video for the track directed by Phil Nisco.

In other Dimlite related news, you might want to check his new video for Peg, a track taken from his Abscission EP and (probably) the follow-up to this video.

Ogris Debris – Next Life

Not long after their last release by Sixtus Preiss, Viennese label Affine Records is already preparing its next one. The new EP comes from Ogris Debris, a duo formed by Daniel Kohlmeigner and Gregor Ladenhauf, occasional favourites on Gilles Peterson’s playlists. For me the highlights are both remixes, provided by The Reboot Joy Confession (listen above) and the already mentioned Sixtus Preiss.01. Next Life
02. Next Life (Radio Edit)*
03. Next Life (The Reboot Joy Confession´s Blodge Remake)
04. Around Here
05. Around Here (Sixtus Preiss Remix)
06. Around Here (Slowjam)*

* digital only The vinyl is already up for pre-order on the Affine website. You should be able to pick it up at your favourite record store starting December 6 November 26, 2012.

November 25, 2012 Also, don’t sleep on the other remix by Sixtus Preiss

Teebs – Gratitude

Almost unnoticed by myself, the third and final Road Kill compilation was released a couple of days ago. All of them came out in the last 6 months, all of them are worth checking out and a must-have for fans of the Los Angeles scene (though there are non-LA artists on it as well!) It might seem a bit predictable that I have picked the Teebs track, but you know how much I love his music.

Other artists on the compilation include Kutmah, fLako, Sonnymoon, devonwho, and DJ Nuts. You can buy Road Kill Vol. 3 directly from Hit+Run as limited CD or digital download.

Medlar – Knockhard Pearl

We ever so often posted music by Klic (including this podcast), but most people might know his under his Medlar disguise under which released mainly on Wolf Music. His next on the label is his first solo EP, titled Knockheard Pearl, coming out shortly. Above you can watch the official video, and there’s also a free remix by Bicep.

Alice Russell – Heartbreaker (FaltyDL Remix)

It’s no secret that NYC’s Drew Lustman (aka FaltyDL) has a crush on broken beat and you could hear that in some of his previous productions. His latest is a remix for Alice Russell (oh, btw) coming out today on Brighton’s Tru Thoughts. You can buy the Heartbreaker EP, including another remix by Parisian Yakine, on Bleep or iTunes.