Author – Live at Eiger Studios

In mid-November, Tectonic will release the debut album of Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin project Author. In preparation for their live gig at London’s fabric, the duo has shared this stream of their live-set.

The self-titled album features eight spacious arrangements, following examples like the classic The K&D Sessions, but translated to modern dubstep sounds. Keep an eye out for this when it drops on CD and digital on November 15, 2011.

New Look – Janet

I first heard New Look‘s cover version of Janet Jackson on the brilliant Jamie xx Essential Mix. It didn’t leave me for a while, as I must have fallen for its cheesy, kinda cute pop appeal.

If you feel the same, you’ll be happy to hear that The Fader is giving the song away for free – go and grab the download already!

(via Trees for Breakfast)

Solid Steel Radio Show with FaltyDL

The latest Solid Steel features not one but two interesting guest mixes. I’ve highlighted the first from NYC’s FaltyDL, who quickly became a personal favourite in recent years – both as producer and DJ.

01. Azymuth – Carambola (mark Pritchard Remix)
02. Contakt & Mayser – Korak (Matt Shadetek Remix)
03. Zed Bias Feat FaltyDL – Lucid Dreams
04. Four Tet – Pyramid
05. 2562 – Aquatic Family Affair
06. Objekt – Clk Recovery
07. Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Dark Mix)
08. Floating Points – Sais Dub
09. FaltyDL – Doo Wop
10. Hate – Human Resources
11. Luke Vibert – Tuffist
12. Boards Of Canada – Julie And Candy
13. Radiohead – Bloom
14. Aphex Twin – Taking Control
15. Louis Blaz – Love And Gwalla (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Mix)

The download includes the first two parts of the show, the second being a mix from DK. You might also want to check out parts three and four, which come with a Lapalux guestmix and an interview with Emika.

King Midas Sound Documentary Part 1

Prior to the release of the new King Midas Sound album, Hyperdub revealed the first part of a mini-documentary. Members The Bug and Kiki Hitomi talk about the idea behind the new album and we also get to see footage from their July show at London’s Koko.

This November will see the release of Without You, an collection of reworks and revoiced versions off their debut Waiting For You.

Thundercat – Daylight (live)

Some footage from the Thundercat record release-party at LA’s The Echo courtesy of Mochilla. Listen to the full version of Daylight, taken from the debut album The Golden Age of Apocalypse.

Also, after some delay, the record is finally available on vinyl as well. You can pick up your copy at your favourite record store or get it from mailorders such as Bleep and Rush Hour.



Cover Artwork

Adult Swim and Scion A/V have teamed up to bring you a free compilation sporting UK underground music from the likes of Kode9, SBTRKT, Lukid, Ikonika, Actress, Zomby and many more (including some US peers.) Here’s a look at the full trackslist.01. Ikonika – World On Mute
02. XXXY – Kerpow
03. Untold – Peaky
04. Geiom – Pure Bristle
05. Ginz – Chrome
06. Lukid – Running from the Demons
07. Geeneus – Knife & Gun (Dusk & Blackdown 2step Mix)
08. SBTRKT – Golddigger
09. Starkey – Eris
10. Actress – Murder Plaza
11. Zomby – Hexagons
12. Dauwd – Ikopol
13. Boxcutter – Waiting for the Lights
13. Babe Rainbow – Give You Time
14. Burial – Street Halo
15. Kode9 – Just Inside
16. Pinch – Blow Out The Candle
17. Cooly G – R U Listening

Go and get the download, but don’t be to hasty about it: there are also two video interviews with Actress and Pinch worth checking out on that website!

Cold Water Sign Language

Okay, this isn’t really about the video, but I’ve been a fan of Kelpe‘s previous videos, so here we go.

This is actually the trailer to Cold Water Sign Language, a megamix of Kelpe tracks put together by Buddy Peace and that’s what this post is really about. It’s available as free download, so make sure to get your hands on this one.

And if you didn’t know Kelpe before, check him out!

Arkist – Hotflush Podcast #17

Judging from the number of plays on iTunes, Rendezous by Bristol’s Arkist is already my tune of the year – with nothing else coming close. Needless to say how excited I was to see his guestmix for the Hotflush podcast.

Arkist - Hotflush Podcast #1701. Arkist – The Half Moon Bay
02. Mosca – House5
03. Hackman – Untitled
04. Arkist & KidKut – One Year Later
05. Mosca – House 14
06. Arkist – Rendezvous (SCB Edit)
07. Sonarpilot – Radar (Trevino Remix)
08. Lokiboi X Hackman
09. Tim Xavier – Stepping Into the Unknown
011. Dutty Dan – Streefighter Riddim
012. Al Tourettes – Badger
013. Komonazmuk – Underground
014. Hackman – Agree To Disagree
016. Dutty Dan & MTB – Maximum Battery Boost
017. Blawan – What You Do With What You Have
018. King – Animal Calypso
019. Arkist & KidKut – Vanilla Imitate
020. Arkist – Rendezvous
021. Addison Groove – This Is It
022. Arkist – Rephlex Blast
023. Al Tourettes – She Shimmers
024. Arkist – Fill Your Coffee

Tracklist has finally been posted, hence my delayed post. Go ahead and download this!

Com Truise – Brokendate

After Fairlight, here is another collaboration between director Will Joines and Com Truise. Reminiscent of Blade Runner and Tron, it transports the eighties vibe of the music really well.

If you’re into these aesthetics, please check out this Hyetal video as well!

(via ISO50)

Tor Lundvall – Last Light (Nocow Dusty Mix)

I already forgot posting the excellent Ruins Tape from Russia’s Burial, so I didn’t want to repeat the mistake for his latest download, the Nocow remix of painter and ambient musician Tor Lundvall.

You can download this from his SoundCloud page, make sure to leave a comment as well. And don’t forget the free album I mentioned above!

Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567

Radiohead - TKOL RMX 1234567

Cover Artwork

With the last of the seven TKOL RMX 12-inches being out on Monday, all tracks from the forthcoming double-disc TKOL RMX 1234567 have been revealed on Radiohead‘s SoundCloud profile.

Among the remixers of the band’s eighth studio album The King of Limbs is an all-star cast of (mostly UK-based) artists such as Jamie xx, Mark Pritchard, Four Tet, Pearson Sound, Lone, SBTRKT and many others. But all that shouldn’t be much of a surprise after all Thom Yorke has been involved in recent years: collaborating with the likes of Flying Lotus and Modeselektor, playing records on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide and the Mary Anne Hobbs radio show and even at reknowned Low End Theory. Not to forget the band’s office charts on their website.

So, let’s give you the opportunity to listen to the entire remix album as it will hit the stores in about two weeks time.



Hardcore fans who still play CDs might be interested in the Japanese import of TKOL RMX 1234567 which is already available from HMV Japan (and soon on Amazon Canada. The rest of the world has to wait until October 10, the official release-date.

Neon Jung – Too Many Facets

Released in the first half of 2011, the b-side on Neon Jung‘s 10-inch on Magic Wire is a track that deserves a late mention here. Ten years ago, tracks like this weren’t that unusual and were coined broken techno. This hybrid of techno and broken beat (as if that wasn’t a hybrid of everything already) was put on the map by almost forgotten names like Nu Era, Titonton or Seiji’s Opaque moniker.

If you missed the Neon Jung’s record the first time, you can still get physical copies from Piccadilly or HHV. Digital releases can be found on Bleep or Boomkat.

For more music like this, I strongly recommend 2002’s Soul in Motion compilation.

Floating Points in Brazil

Not so long ago, Floating Points paid a visit to São Paulo and my man Tahira took him to Zico’s record store. Between digging for records, they did this interview you can watch below.

Upon his return to London, Floating Points played some of his purchases on Rinse FM. Fortunately, you can still listen to that show online!

Thundercat – For Love I Come (Lapalux Flip)

I’d like to tell you that this is seeing a release sometime in the the future, but I’m afraid there are no such plans. So take a good listen to this remix from new Brainfeeder signing Lapalux, who turned this track (which I considered unremixable) into a real beauty.

The original version of Thundercat‘s George Duke cover appear on his debut album The Golden Age of the Apocalypse, which was released some weeks ago. Don’t wait for the best-of rundowns at the end of the year, get the album now!

Interview with Beeple

Always appreciating good visuals, I accidently stumbled across one of Mike Winkelmann‘s clips some years ago already. But it wasn’t until the amazing Kill Your Co-workers video for Flying Lotus until I consciously got aware of his work.

It’s been a while since the last feature of a visual artist feature, so I spoke with Mike a couple of days ago.

Can you give an introduction on who you are and what you do?

My name is Mike Winkelmann and I release films, VJ loops and graphic design shit under the name Beeple.

I guess you got on a lot of people’s radar through your video for Flying Lotus, how did that come about, how did you meet?

A friend of his showed him some of my work and he gave me a call out of the blue. I’d never actually heard of him before then, but the label he’s on, Warp, is my all-time favorite. I very quickly fell in love with his shit and the whole LA beat scene music in general. Turns out after listening to his shit, I had actually heard a ton of his music before because through a radio station on Pandora I had seeded with Dabrye who makes very similiar music.

How was it to work with him? Did he give you any directions on what he had in mind for the video or did you have full artistic freedom?

It was really good. He have me an enormous amount of freedom. I’d really just send him a screenshot here and there every couple months and he’d be like “rad!! can’t wait to see it finished.” But it’s funny because in the end, the film turned out to be exactly what he said it was when we first talked. When we first talked he said “the music is like a parade” just describing it and after tossing around a bunch of other ideas, I was finally like fuck it, I’ll just make it a parade.

Since then I’ve noticed a lot of your loops and videos use music from the Brainfeeder camp. Will there be more “big” collaborations like music videos or audio-visual shows?

Ummm, well I just got done doing some visuals for Deadmau5 so you should see pieces of that in his current tour, but other than that I’d hunkering down and working on my next film/ music video, IV.10 [Instrumental Video]

What’s your usual workflow? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My work flow usually involves a retarded amount of experimentation. I usually sit down with only very vague ideas in mind of shit I’d like to fuck with. Usually things turn out nothing like I’d planned. I like just sort of going with it and seeing where it takes you. I get inspiration from a lot of the good design blogs out there, Abduzeedo, Design You Trust, Cruzine, Behance, etc. I’m inspired by a lot of different styles moreso than specific people.

Is working as a VJ something you do or do you prefer creating material others can use?

Nope, I’m definitely no VJ, don’t know shit about it really. I have done it a few times but where I live there is really no audience and to be honest I’m not really into the whole live scene that much. The idea of it appeals to me, but I’m much more interested in just making cool little clips that appeal to me. I was making these clips looong before I had ever even heard of VJs. Only recently has it occured to me to release them as VJ clips for others to use but it’s been really fucking sweet seeing people use them.

While I sympathize with the Creative Commons idea, I was rather surprised to see high quality material like yours released under such open conditions. Maybe you can tell a little about your philosophy doing so and where it comes from.

It basically comes from me wanting to get my shit out there for people to see. I used to spend a lot of money trying to get into film festivals to get my shit shown, only to have it rejected by a panel of douche-lords. Now I can just put out a clip for free and have a fuckton of people show it to others all over the world without me having to do shit!

I think the other reason is that I’ve learned so much from the kindness and generosity of others, I feel like I need to give back any way I can.

What projects have you been working on lately?

Just been working on IV.10, one day i’d really love to finish this motherfucker!!!!!!11111111111 🙂

For more of Beeple’s work, check out his website and his portfolio on Vimeo. Also worth checking is the stuff he likes and tweets about.