Modeselektion Versions

Alongside the Soul Jazz Future Bass compilation, Monkeytown’s Modeselektions Vol. 1 has to be one of this year’s premier compilations when it comes to electronic bass music. On December 17th, the Berlin label operated by the duo of Modeselektor releases the bonus tracks from the special edition and some extended versions.

01. Falty DL – I’m gonna show you somethin’
02. Vaghe Stelle – Emiciclo 1
03. Love Operation – Heartbeat
04. Bok Bok – Say Stupid Things (Extended Version)
05. Cosmin TRG – Space Station Love Affair (Extended Version)

We have no clue whether this means there will be a vinyl pressing or if these tracks are digital only. If you have more information, please feel free to share!

Jacques Greene – The Look

Glasgow’s LuckyMe is about to release the debut by Jacques Greene, a 12-inch titled The Look. Here’s Andrew Gordon Macpherson‘s video for the title track.

You can pre-order the EP at Rush Hour and it should be available soon at the LuckyMe store and all other good shops.

FACT Mix by Ikonika

Being a huge fan of Ikonika‘s irregular Ustream happenings, I had to share her latest mixtape with you.

1. Ikonika – Rope
2. Don Morris – In Da Groove (Bok Bok Remix)
3. Martyn – Shook Up
4. Ikonika – Off Mode
5. Karizma – The Damn Dub
6. Ikonika – Dance There & Back
7. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front
8. Distal – Feed Me
9. Ikonika – Fleas
10. Optimum – Light Year
11. Terror Danjah feat. Baby Face Jay – Breaking Bad
12. Ikonika – They Didn’t Bury You Deep Enough
13. Girl Unit – I.R.L (Bok Bok Remix)
14. Optimum – Max Power
15. Nu Design – Subsonicfreedomskyank
16. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles
17. Dro Carey – Candy Red

Read the original article or go straight for the download.

May 29, 2012 You can still find the mix in FACT’s archive on Mixcloud

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx – We’re New Here

While being a huge fan of Gil Scott-Heron, his latest album I’m New Here was one of my biggest disappointments this year. The “modern” approach ended up being a weak copy of Tricky’s output back in the nineties and the sad shape of Gil’s voice could not add anything good to that.

A year after the release, Jamie xx (of The xx) is coming up with his interpretations of 13 songs from the album. Judging from the track below, the outcome might actually be ahead of the original.

01. I’m New Here
02. Home
03. I’ve Been Me (Interlude)
04. Running
05. My Cloud
06. Certain Things (Interlude)
07. The Crutch
08. Ur Soul and Mine
09. Parents (Interlude)
10. Piano Player
11. NY Is Killing Me
12. Jazz (Interlude)
13. I’ll Take Care Of U

The remix album “We’re New Here” will be out on February 21st, 2011, coming in a vinyl box set, CD or digital download. Pre-order your copy now and get the track above today.

Feb 21, 2010 The album is out today and the whole product looks just fantastic, especially the vinyl box-set that comes with an extra LP with the instrumentals

Edits by Edit

Nitzan Hermon, founder of Fine Art Records and a man with overall good taste (check his tweets) has launched a new poster project titled “Edits by Edit.” Thirteen creatives, designers and musicians, took a minimal approach to design posters that represent music genres. Here are some of the results:

Haven’t decided on a favourite myself, but I’m somewhere between Twist, Detroit Techno and New Wave.

Each screen printed poster comes in A1 size (that’s 594×841 millimeters or 23.4×33.1 inches) and costs $75. You can get your’s on the Edits by Edit website or the Bleep store.

Kelpe – Goldfishing

As the week started with a Kelpe interview and guestmix, we’re ending it with a final reminder that his Chocolate Money EP is available in stores. Below you can listen to the full-lenght version of the track “Goldfishing” and the digital-only remix by Pierce Warnecke.

You can buy the 12-inch from Boomkat or Rush Hour, the digital release is set to follow tomorrow!

Shackleton – Electronic Explorations

Episode 133 of the Electronic Explorations podcast features a special guestmix by Skulldisco co-founder Shackleton. It is mentioned this mix was handed over to EE by Fabric, so it’s probably one of their regular promo mixes that make rounds with new Fabric CD.01. Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold – Stripped III (version)
02. Shackleton – Man On A String Part 1 and 2
03. Shackleton – Angel On A String
04. Shackleton – Fireworks
05. Shackleton – Deadman
06. Shackleton – Bottles
07. Shackleton – Hypno Angel
08. Shackleton – Something Has Got To Give
09. Shackleton – Massacre
10. Shackleton – Torn Skin III (version)

That said, the all new Fabric 55 will be released next month and contains 80 minutes of Shackleton’s own productions. Until then, you have to stick with his mix for Electronic Explorations which you can download for free.

Gerry Read – Patterns EP

If you listened to the latest Dark Arx podcast, you’re already familiar with the tracks on their new 12-inch. Coming from West Suffolk’s Gerry Read, the Patterns EP fits well into the label’s young history, drifting somewhere between Ramadanman, Headhunter and Burial.

I haven’t spotted the 12-inch yet, but you can get the digital release directly from the label, on Boomkat, Zero” or Juno.

November 26, 2010 Interview and new a mixtape by Gerry are available on Sonic Router

Pixelord – Magic Firn

Originally planned to be part of a future release, Russian producer Pixelord is giving away this track for free. A bit harder than the material from his Lucid Freaks EP, but worth checking out.

Make sure to read this article on Sonic Router, in which Pixelord reveals more about his future plans. If you didn’t hear his mixtape for Pitchfork yet, I advise you to download it now!

Worldwide Family Vol. 1

Worldwide Family Vol. 1

Cover Artwork

The people at Brownswood never sleep, so just as their last compilation went on sale, they already planned another. Though this one is a bit different from their Bubblers series.

For the new Worldwide Familiy series, Gilles Peterson hands over the duty of compiling to trusted friends of his label. In the case of the first installments, the befriended selectors are Belgian discjockey Lefto and London based Frenchman Simbad.

So let’s take a look at the tracklist and listen to some teasers from each selector’s CD:

CD01 // Lefto
01 UpHigh Collective feat. Delvis – Blend (Revised)
02 Damage Is Done – Meeting Point
03 Exile – Rake
04 Dela & The Headless Hunters – London Town
05 grooveman Spot – Take Back
06 Brassroots – Good Life
07 74 Miles Away feat. AHU & Miles Bonny – Same Dream Again
08 I.N.T. – Raw Funk
09 Karlmarx – Mists
10 Onra – The Perfect Match
11 TOKiMONSTA – Park Walks
12 Trilogy – Automata

CD02 // Simbad
01 Airhead – Stilt Beetle
02 Illum Sphere – One For Dimlite
03 Steve Lynx & Hellrazor – I Don’t Think So
04 Andreas Saag – Nobody Here
05 Greymatter & Klic – Thinking About You
06 Harrison Blakoldman – Full Speed!!!
07 Afrikan Sciences & Kebbi – 5 Spot
08 Ave Blast & Cosmos Rodriguez – Glow In The Dark
09 Kemeticjust feat. Terrance Downs – I Got Life (Justin’s G-Tech Mix)
10 Cooly G – Gritting
11 Zed Bias & Eddy Ramich – Lost Elevator
12 Seiji – The King
13 Kalbata – Silver Balls
14 KU BO – Twist Up
15 Chuck Maurice & Simbad – Summer Badness

Worldwide Family Vol. 1 will be out on CD and digital on January 3rd, 2011. Keep your eyes open for that on the Brownswood Store or your favourite record dealer.

Nite Jewel – A Mix for David Barrett

Ramona Gonzales aka Nite Jewel recorded a mix for the Other People’s Poetry series by the Your’s Truly blog. Probably not the regular mixtape you’d expect to read about here, but never the less an interesting journey through Ramona’s musical influences.01. Steve Thomsen – Hour Angle
02. Collie Ryan – We’re Gettin By
03. Woo – Wallpaper
04. Aphex Twin – Radiator
05. Stellar OM Source – Xlandia
06. Miles Davis – Blue In Green
07. Tim Hecker – Night Flight to Your Heart
08. Kurt Rosenwinkel – Dream/Memory?
09. Cluster – Proantipro
10. Gas – Königsforst 04
11. Iasos – Crystal Petals
12. Cluster – In Ewigkeit

So why don’t you give it a try, you can download for free! Oh, and have you seen the latest Nite Jewel video yet?

(via Inaudible Answer)

Get to know Nosaj Thing

Some more of these Nosaj Thing videos we’re posting regularly, but hey – we love that guy! This time he’s been interviewed by the manufacturer of an energy drink, who already brought us videos featuring Daedelus, Diplo and some other cats.

These are only the videos I liked best, but you can find the rest of the series on YouTube.

(via Green Tea Session)

Quadron – Average Fruit (BUG Remix)

I wasn’t aware that Quadron are running a remix contest, but then I found BUG‘s submission in my inbox and instantly fell in love with the track. Hear for yourself!

Other noteworthy submissions to the contest come from D’Stephanie, fLako or DZA. Many more can be found here and on top of that you can download the original version for free!

Volume 08 – mixed by Kelpe

On the occasion of his latest release, the Chocolate Money EP, London based producer Kelpe sat down with us for an interview and contributed to our podcast series. Listen to some of his current favourites, music from his peers and some of his own productions.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Arp – Summer Girl
02. Dunian – Where is The Problem
03. Ichiro – Sumiyoshi
04. Prefuse 73 – Invigorate
05. Huess – A Simple Method (Beats)
06. Young Montana – Bad Day
07. DZA & Mujuice – Bullseye (Dizz1 Instrumental Remix)
08. Ghost Mutt – Sasquatch (Coco Bryce Remix)
09. All These Fingers – So Serial
10. Kelpe – Chocolate Money
11. Melkeveien vs. Nino – Yo! (Slugabed Remix)
12. Pixelord – Hypnofrog
13. Clause Four – Original Whackoff
14. Space Dimension Controller – 2EZ (Autopilots Lament)
15. Architeq – Into The Cosmos (Mr Beatnick Dub)
16. Dabrye – Smoking The Edge
17. Light Club – Scirocco Night Drive
18. Huess – I’d Rather Be The Hunter (Kelpe Remix)

You can listen to more of Kelpe’s own productions on his SoundCloud page, watch videos and download mixes from his own website. Or follow his activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview with Kelpe

With his latest EP Chocolate Money available in stores now, London based producer Kelpe not only contributed to our podcast. We also got the chance to speak to him about how he became a musician, his production methods and we take a look-out at future releases.

Maybe you can just start by introducing yourself?
I’m Kelpe, my real name is Kel McKeown, and I make instrumental electronic music and beats

Do you remember the first time you were fascinated by music?
I can’t really remember specifically the first time I enjoyed music, but I remember when I was a really young toddler sitting when my mum was playing the piano and she’d let me play the low notes at the same time she was playing. Not sure why she let me as it probably sounded awful. But the first time wanting to be involved with music was when I was a teenager, into punk bands and playing in a crap band with my friends. I’d also been messing around with an Amiga computer and a sampler but I can’t remember if that was before or after the band.

Ah, the good old Amiga!
Yeah, that was great fun, ProTracker and OctaMED. I had this computer game where you fly a plane and I found where the sound of the engine was stored and swapped it for a drum break, and when I played the game the engine would be a drum break, speeding up and slowing down with the plane, etc.

How serious where those attempts on the Amiga and what music where you into at the time?
I was into Altern8 and The Prodigy (the really early stuff) at the time of making that stuff. I was really into it, so I sort of took it seriously, although not seriuous enough to keep hold of what I made, if I heard it again -which i never will- it would probably sound pretty weak. But I used to spend a lot of time doing it, I was quite nerdy actually

So what were the influences on what you do now? Did you just keep on making music?
Making music wasn’t really a continuous process as there was a big gap from those teenage years to taking it up again years later when i went to university. So when I came back to it I was into all the electronica stuff. Warp stuff, Boards of Canada, Prefuse 73 etc.

I was going to ask you about DC Recordings, because I thought I didn’t know them. But then I figured it’s the label that brought us Tom Tyler, Octagon Man, Depth Charge and the likes, music I liked a lot when I was younger, before buying vinyl.
Well, I heard that Depth Charge album around 95 I think and loved it, I think that was quite an influential album. And I’d get excited when I found DC records in shops. […] I got involved with them around 2002, I’d been a big fan of them years before but slightly lost track of their releases, then a friend suggested sending a demo in so I did that and they were into it. After encouragement I got together the first release The People Are Trying To Sleep. I was really pleased to be on the label and ended up releasing quite a few records with them, enjoying other stuff on the label too. They haven’t done much recently but apparently they’ll be back next with with Emperor Machine and Arcadion albums.

What I love about your music, is its organic sound, especially the drums…
I record a lot of drums. Either me playing or my drummer that I play live with all the time, Chris Walmsley (from Voice of The Seven Woods). Also, I did some recording a while ago in the drummer from Stereolab’s studio with Chris playing, still got a lot of material to work through.

Are you religiously using your own sounds only or do you sample records as well?
I’m not afraid to use samples. Some people try to never use samples and I think its silly to restrict youself like that. I think the golden age of recording was the early 70s and that’s why people sample stuff from that era so much. Anyway, I like to record stuff as well. It’s a good challenge trying to get my crappily recorded stuff to fit in with nicely recorded samples. And its a massive cliche but I’ll always try to chop up a sample into something new

What else do you use in your studio?
I use Ableton, I have two Akai controllers for that, the APC40, and the MPD24. The MPD I always use live, but so does everyone else as well now, it is probably the most used thing I have. Then I got a Moog Little Phatty, which is a stupid name but it sounds good. I got another small analogue synth which sits on my desk, the Doepfer Dark Energy. That’s pretty fat but tiny. A Technics 1200, an Italia Rimini electric guitar which I love, the bass guitar I’ve had since my teenage years. Also a fairly normal looking acoustic guitar and of course a Korg Monotron, which I don’t use much, just for fun.

I also want to ask about your cover art, who have you worked with?
Scot at La Boca, they are in the same building as DC Recordings, and owned by the same person. They do great stuff. They did the sleeve for this big stadium rock band here called Muse, so last year I saw their work every time I went on the underground. The new one, Chocolate Money EP (Fremdtunes), was by a Dutch guy called Mister Adam.

That EP will be out on November 22nd, are you already working on something new?
Yeah, recently I finished a collaboration with Coco Bryce on a track for his album, also on Fremdtunes. I’ve just submitted a new track for the next Astrodynamics compilation, which sounds like its going to be a brilliant compilation. I’m working on a 7″ for Coco Bryce’s own label, MYOR, and soon to be released is a remix I did for Huess, on Inaudible Answer, that’s going to be a good 12″. Other than that I’m just working on new tracks, thinking about the next EP or album

How does that work, do you have a concept in mind or do you record tracks and see what fits together?
I just start working, maybe with a specific change of sound that’s slightly different from the last release.

Any other music you’ve been enjoying lately that you’d like to recommend?
I’ve been listening to McDonald & Giles on repeat lately but that isn’t very recent. Some recent releases I’ve been enjoying is an album by ARP called The Soft Wave, not to be confused with Arp 101 which is great too. The new Bullion record on Young Turks is great, and I’ve been enjoying the last Dosh album Tommy. Dunian has got a free EP that’s really good as well.

Tracklist | Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)

You can find a lot more of Kelpe’s music on SoundCloud, including a couple of mixtapes. He also runs his own website and keeps his YouTube page up to date. You can also add him on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.