Weekly Bits 9/2009

As the album Prismic Valuta Rising might not be released, Dimlite has uploaded some of its tracks to his Myspace page, including the previously featured Kalimba Lifeswamp.

Two videos made the rounds this week, the more prominent being the …

Harmonic 313 Mixtape for The Fader

Another quality mixtape, this time from Mark Pritchard under his Harmonic 313 moniker. His album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence was just released on Warp Records and is a first favourite of the year - so far! What else could I say, the tracklist speaks for itself.

This Is Science Mixtape by AD Bourke

You have probably heard of Italian beatmaker AD Bourke from his TrebleO Beat Tape, released back in summer 2008. His latest mixtape was made for the new website This Is Science, brainchild of Dave Farlam, co-founder of TrebleO

Floating Points 7-inch

Here is a record that should sell quickly! The debut from Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points comes in the form of a 7-inch record on the Eglo label, limited to 500 copies only. His productions were featured by the usual …

Domu's Remixes, Rarities and One Offs

Later this year, you can expect a new double CD from Domu on Tru Thoughts. Called Remixes, Rarities and One Offs, this compilation is what the name suggests. It will be preceded (“very, very soon”) by a 12-inch …

Jazzanova Remix Contest Finalists

In the last few weeks, the guys from Jazzanova were busy going through more than 400 submissions to their remix contest. There is no winner yet, but the remixers have been narrowed down to 10 finalists. You can listen …

Mayer Hawthorne Video and Interview

Here’s a video of Stones Throw soul-singer Mayer Hawthorne, who will be touring Europe in March alongside James Pants, Peanut Butter Wolf and Dam-Funk. It was recorded only two days ago somewhere in California, and it features …

Dimlite Remixes

Let's start with the good news: A strictly limited 12-inch with remixes made by Dimlite will be released in the last week of February on the Zurich based Ish label.

Weekly Bits 7/2009

From now on I’m going to summarize some of the news that I did not cover in a full article. These weekly bits might not be a regular thing, but should be posted on weekends. So, let’s start with week …

Kalimba Lifeswamp

About a year ago, Dimlite was invited to talk about the Red Bull Music Academy in the city of Linz in Austria. These info sessions take place in many countries in order to interest young musicians and DJs to apply …

Flage Tits Mixtape from Parra Soundsystem

As a follow-up to the previous article about Parra, I want to mention the Flage Tits Mixtape from the Parra Soundsystem.

Parra Soundsystem are Parra, Mr.Wix, Tom Trago, MC Lyrical Tie and Gee. Their mixtape …

Quiet Storm Mixtape

The Quiet Storm mixtape is a selection of soft soul 7-inches, mixed by Kindred Spirits founder KC The Funkaholic. Maybe just what you were looking for on a day like this.

TettoryBad – Ruff & Tuff

Here's a video that has been around for a while, it comes from TettoryBad and features Paul Randolph on the vocals. TrettoryBad is a project by Simbad, Masaya Fantasista and Grooveman Spot, who have released their album Unite in autumn 2008 on the Jazzy Sport label.

Machine, the Design of Kindred Spirits

Dutch label Kindred Spirits has been among my favourite labels ever since the first Rednose Disktrikt longplayer came out. It’s not only their versatile catalogue making them special, but also the beautiful artwork that comes with each and every of …

Soul in Motion (compiled by Volcov)

I had this article planned ever since the Deepblak compilation came out, but I only remembered after the Carl Craig special on Stylin. There hasn't been a classic review in a while, today I want to feature one of my all-time favourite compilations.

Parra – The Of Best Book

Amsterdam’s Parra is known for his unique illustrations, especially his use of color and typography. You have most likely seen his t-shirts for Rockwell and Stones Throw, his cover designs for Rednose Distrikt, or maybe his skateboards.

An …

Yellowtail – Everything is Alright

Here comes a first taster from Yellowtail's debut album Grand & Putnam. Born in Japan and living in NYC, Yellowtail collaborates with fellow Japanese producers from all around the world. The singer Monday Michiru needs no introduction, with over a dozen albums recorded and collaborators including DJ Krush, Masters at Work or IG Culture.

Phlash & Friends Instore Session

Here is a little snippet from the Phlash & Friends session, which took place two days ago at the BM Soho record store. Phil Asher on the decks with vocal support by Shea Soul, one of the singers on the album.

Mary Anne Hobbs Live in San Francisco

Alright, I figure today’s mixtape will not be everbody’s favourite, but there are certainly some fresh and interesting tunes on this one. It comes from BBC Radio One host Mary Anne Hobbs, who was on a trip at the …

Focus on Dorian Concept

The debut album When Planets Explode from Dorian Concept is set for release next week In fact Rush Hour has it on stock already! A lot has been written about the young Austrian producer, for whom 2008 was clearly a …

Phlash & Friends – Deep Electronic Sound

The much anticipated new album from Phil Asher can now be ordered from Juno, the CD version that is. First reviews have been spotted on souledup.com and Basic Soul, where you can also read an in-depth interview with Phil.

New bits from Bembe Segue

Oh right, wasn’t there talk about a solo-album from Bembe Segue a long time ago? I forgot myself and was only reminded when she uploaded some new tracks on her MySpace page.

I’ll find a myriad of excuses why not …