Weekly Bits 9/2009

As the album Prismic Valuta Rising might not be released, Dimlite has uploaded some of its tracks to his Myspace page, including the previously featured Kalimba Lifeswamp.

Two videos made the rounds this week, the more prominent being the Suite for Ma Dukes concert on YouTube. The second comes the Bristol soundsystem Wild Bunch and is accompanied by a 72 minutes long mix from 1987 (!), dubbed Wild Bunch vs Soul II Soul (original post on Test Pressing).

The Phlash & Friends album Deep Electronic Sound is now also available as digital download. Note that there are two editions circling around, one on Traxsource and another on Juno, each containing different bonus tracks. Phil Asher has also uploaded a video from last week’s release party.

Harmonic 313 Mixtape for The Fader

Another quality mixtape, this time from Mark Pritchard under his Harmonic 313 moniker. His album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence was just released on Warp Records and is a first favourite of the year – so far! What else could I say, the tracklist speaks for itself.

Harmonic 313

Harmonic 313 Mix (download)
01. Harmonic 313 – Harmonic 313 lab ident
02. Jeroen Tel & Christian Huus – Battle valley (Harmonic 313 edit)
03. Slugabed – Motherfuckeeeeer
04. Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron
05. Flying Lotus – Ab–original
06. Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
07. Dorian Concept – Fort teen
08. Harmonic 313 – No way out (remix)
09. Dizz 1 – Konotakosuke
10. Floating Point – Shangrila
11. Harmonic 313 – Music Substitute System
12. Danny Breaks – Zappity Zip Zip
13. Jaydee – Dilla beat
14. Harmonic 313 – Dutty
15. Harmonic 313 – Battlestar feat. Phat Kat and Elzhi (Remix clean)

Let me also mention that Mark is currently touring the world as a DJ. If you want more of this, you better catch him on of the many dates.

Big thanks to Creaminal, who sent me the link to the mix minutes ago!

This Is Science Mixtape by AD Bourke

You have probably heard of Italian beatmaker AD Bourke from his TrebleO Beat Tape, released back in summer 2008. His latest mixtape was made for the new website This Is Science, brainchild of Dave Farlam, co-founder of TrebleO and one half of Yotoko.


Unfortunately, there is no tracklist available for this (might follow soon), but it features tracks from the mentioned beat tape and others from his upcoming album. If you like Dabrye, Lukid, Flying Lotus or anybody of the so-called Beat Generation, you should fall in love with this collection.

AD Bourke – Someseek

Also, here’s a free track from AD Bourke, who is currently looking for a label to put out his album. So, if you have a label and read this, you know what to do!

Floating Points 7-inch

Here is a record that should sell quickly! The debut from Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points comes in the form of a 7-inch record on the Eglo label, limited to 500 copies only. His productions were featured by the usual suspects Benji B and Gilles Peterson, and his mix for the Mary Anne Hobbs show in January was already dubbed a first contender for mix of the year.

You can now order his record at Bleep, or listen to Sam’s tracks and mixtapes on his Soundcloud page (thanks Creaminal).

While we’re at it, let me also mention Paul White, the second producer featured on the show mentioned above. You might want to grab his mixtapes as well.

Domu's Remixes, Rarities and One Offs

Later this year, you can expect a new double CD from Domu on Tru Thoughts. Called Remixes, Rarities and One Offs, this compilation is what the name suggests. It will be preceded (“very, very soon”) by a 12-inch with the tracks Springbreak (a new mixdown of Something New) and the instrumental of his AC Lewis remix.

Domu – We Can Do It

Another release on Tru Thoughts will be the label’s 10th anniversary compilation, which is set for release in October. Domu’s contribution We Can Do It features Aisling Stephenson on vocals and was previously available on his Soundcloud page. The low-quality MP3 was taken from Domu’s blog.

Jazzanova Remix Contest Finalists

In the last few weeks, the guys from Jazzanova were busy going through more than 400 submissions to their remix contest. There is no winner yet, but the remixers have been narrowed down to 10 finalists. You can listen to them on Soundcloud.

“We were virtually blown away by the general quality of the remixes submitted. It was absolutely thrilling for all of us to listen to the variety of different approaches these remixers took to our music. And it took quite some time to sort out our personal favorites […] Besides, we agreed on releasing digitally on our label Sonar Kollektiv not only one but at least three of these remixes.” – Jürgen von Knoblauch/Jazzanova

If you haven’t had enough yet, you can still listen to the 410 remaining submissions over here.

Mar 3, 2009 The winners have been chosen, the other tracks have been removed from the player

Mayer Hawthorne Video and Interview

Here’s a video of Stones Throw soul-singer Mayer Hawthorne, who will be touring Europe in March alongside James Pants, Peanut Butter Wolf and Dam-Funk. It was recorded only two days ago somewhere in California, and it features him with his band The County performing their great debut single Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out.

For more about the tour, his influences and production I recommend this interview on the Future Vintage website. There he also announces the release of the new single Maybe So, Maybe No for March, his album can be expected later this year.

Feb 20, 2009 The video was actually recorded at the live debut in Fullerton, here is another clip

Dimlite Remixes

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

Let’s start with the good news: A strictly limited 12-inch with remixes made by Dimlite will be released in the last week of February on the Zurich based Ish label.

The vinyl exclusive EP features a remix of Hot Heavy Heat by Carlos Niño (Build an Ark, AmmonContact etc.), an “ecstatic arpeggio-synth-theme that receives its much deserved space on a shiny disc of plastic.” On the flipside it’s once again the Flying Lotus, whose track Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum from the Los Angeles album gets the Dimlite treatment. You can listen to both tracks on the label’s website.

A. Carlos Niño – Hot Heavy Heat (A Chase Theme) (Hot Air & Thick Plastic Remix)
B. Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum (Re-finitum)

The bad news concern the album Prismic Valuta Rising. On his MySpace page, Dimlite writes that it will not be available anytime soon. It’s my assumption, he hasn’t found an appropriate label yet. Let’s hope things get sorted out for him! There is still another album with Prefuse 73 in the making (confirmation), which could now preceed his solo work.

Mar 1, 2009 Juno now has the record in stock

Weekly Bits 7/2009

From now on I’m going to summarize some of the news that I did not cover in a full article. These weekly bits might not be a regular thing, but should be posted on weekends. So, let’s start with week 7 of 2009.

Orin Walters from Bugz in the Attic, otherwise known as Afronaught, did an interview for souledup.com. It’s a good read, focusing on the beginnings of his music production, the Co-Op parties and the current state of the West London scene.

The latest show of Deviation had special guest Phil Asher talking about the Phlash & Friends album. You can still listen to the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days, or grab the full show (or just the Phil Asher part) for your iPod.

Also, the launch party for the album will take place next Wednesday at London’s East Village. The night features singers Zansika, Shea Soul and Sandra Nkake, DJs include Zed Bias, Bopstar and Afronaught, the entry is free! If you need a taste, why don’t you rewind this video.

Kalimba Lifeswamp

About a year ago, Dimlite was invited to talk about the Red Bull Music Academy in the city of Linz in Austria. These info sessions take place in many countries in order to interest young musicians and DJs to apply for the academy.

However, in the evening Dimlite was playing a concert with local drummer Richard Eigner of Ritornell. The video above shows an improvised piece, now known by the name of Kalimba Swamp.

via Supercity

Flage Tits Mixtape from Parra Soundsystem

As a follow-up to the previous article about Parra, I want to mention the Flage Tits Mixtape from the Parra Soundsystem.


Parra Soundsystem are Parra, Mr.Wix, Tom Trago, MC Lyrical Tie and Gee. Their mixtape has been available since December already, but I only discovered it during research for my previous article. It features an obscure selection of music, old and new, including languages I never heard before.

Also, there’s this video about Parra, his drawings, his shirts, his music. If you like it, make sure to check out the other videos from Arkitip.

Quiet Storm Mixtape

The Quiet Storm mixtape is a selection of soft soul 7-inches, mixed by Kindred Spirits founder KC The Funkaholic. Maybe just what you were looking for on a day like this.

KC The Pimpaholic – Quiet Storm (download)
01. The Main Ingredient – Prove My Love To You
02. Marvin Gaye – Feel All My Love Inside
03. The Moments – Sexy Mama
04. Harry Ray – Ride Your Pony (?)
05. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff
06. The Lost Generation – Your Mission (If You Decide To Accept It)
07. Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You
08. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
09. Rita Wright – Touch Me, Take Me
10. Tom Brock – I Love You More And More
11. Barry White – Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
12. Barry White – I’m Gonna Love Just A Little More, Baby
13. The Isley Brothers – (At Your Best) You Are Love
14. Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends
15. Lee Fields feat. The Expressions – Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
16. Gloria Walker – My Precious Love
17. The Lost Generation – The Sly, Slick And The Wicked
18. ?

If you can help completing the tracklist, please leave a comment. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

via Future Vintage

TettoryBad – Ruff & Tuff

Here’s a video that has been around for a while, it comes from TettoryBad and features Paul Randolph on the vocals. TrettoryBad is a project by Simbad, Masaya Fantasista and Grooveman Spot, who have released their album Unite in autumn 2008 on the Jazzy Sport label.

The video was directed by LCP United, who have already worked with Flying Lotus among others. A high-res version can be downloaded at Vimeo, other videos can be found on TettoryBad‘s MySpace page!

via Nujazz Spirit

Machine, the Design of Kindred Spirits

Dutch label Kindred Spirits has been among my favourite labels ever since the first Rednose Disktrikt longplayer came out. It’s not only their versatile catalogue making them special, but also the beautiful artwork that comes with each and every of their releases. Responsible for these are Machine, two designers hailing from Amsterdam. If you call yourself owner of the records by Build an Ark, Jackson Conti, Kid Sublime, Legends of the Underground or  Dorian Concept, you already have a Machine design in your shelf.

Today, Machine answered the questions I sent them the night before, this is what they wrote:

Who is behind Machine?
Machine is Mark Klaverstijn (Amsterdam, 1973) & Paul du Bois-Reymond (Berlin, 1974). We started working together during our studies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. We did a lot of stuff outside of school, our first flyers and shirts but also web and video experiments. Our first company was called DEPT, and since 2001 we work under the name ‘Machine’

What’s your relation with Kindred Spirits?
It has always been about the Love so to speak. It is to small a label to get involved for anything other than the love of music and design. We see KS as our very own Bluenote. We are in it for the long haul-it should be a constant that is very open to change, to experimentation. Working on the marriage of sound and visuals on album covers doesn’t get old somehow.

What’s your usual approach to making a cover?
The first decision is obviously the Music. Thats were it starts. That music, artist, atmosphere leads to the designs. Sometimes the artist or someone from the label has a certain angle or approach in mind. When this is workable we use it. Otherwise we lead the way.

Usually this works out. Sometimes it leads to drama. But we do claim a lot of freedom. We feel that an artist has to trust us on the visual side of the release. The guys at KS respect this, it’s even in the contract an artist signs. If it weren’t for this trust, we wouldn’t do the project. It has to remain a platform. It has to become an entity of it’s own. You put on the album, maybe roll a joint and listen to the tunes while disecting the artwork and track info. The whole thing becomes 4 dimensional. Thats more or less what we envision when doing the work.

Anything to look out for?
Yes. Next to some covers we just did for Dorian Concept and Carlos Nino, KS is sitting on something secret and new, so watch out for that at your local dealer. We just finished our book ‘Designed By Machine’, which is an overview of our studio and our history. Published by Black Cat, ISBN nr 978-90-810418-6-7 Check it out. Machine says Bye!

Designed by Machine

The book mentioned above will be available from Black Cat Publishing for 27,50 Euros. I’m conviced that Rush Hour will have copies once it’s available.

Mar 27, 2009 At last, the book is now available!

Soul in Motion (compiled by Volcov)

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

I had this article planned ever since the Deepblak compilation came out, but I only remembered after the Carl Craig special on Stylin. There hasn’t been a classic review in a while, today I want to feature one of my all-time favourite compilations.

Put together by Enrico Crivellaro (aka Volcov), Irma Records released Soul in Motion back in 2002 on both CD and triple vinyl. The artists featured are associated with the two cities Detroit and London, and the sound is a melange of the two, combining soulful techno with broken beats. It got a lots of soul indeed, and buzzwords like High Tech Jazz or Future Soul come to mind.01. Titonton Duvanté – Foreplay
02. Domu – The Long Way Up
03. Art Forest – The Flow
04. Ahab – Held By Love
05. Hanna – Ghost
06. Yellow Magic Orchestra – InDo (4 Hero Mix)
07. Carl Craig – They Were
08. Drexciya – Journey Home
09. Nubian Mindz – Malfunction
10. Nu Era – Breaking In Space
11. Splinterfaction – Ultraism
12. Envoy – Leave This World Behind
Many of the tracks are somewhat exclusive, especially at the time Soul in Motion was released. Domu’s track The Long Way Up is one of his standout tracks, it was later featured on his Discotech album, which was only available in Japan for a long time. Also just available in Japan was 4hero‘s remix of Yellow Magic Orchestra, a classic which  is now easier to get on 2004’s 4hero Remix Album. From the remaining tracks, many were previously only available on vinyl, including those by Nubian Mindz (1999 on Archive), Drexciya (1995 on Warp) and Nu Era (1995 on Ovum). Looking at those dates it is surprising how incredibly fresh these tracks still sound (even today).

Well, they don’t make records like this anymore! If you liked the Detroit Beatdown series or the previously mentioned Blaktropolis, you will need Soul in Motion in your collection! However, the chances of buying a new copy of this compilation are near-zero, especially if you are aiming at the vinyl release. Amazon UK still has the CD on stock, otherwise I recommend Discogs Marketplace for used copies.