Flying Lotus Essential Mix

The Flying Lotus, primary subject of many of the blogs I read, has done an Essential Mix. You know, the popular show on British public radio. The show that wouldn’t need a radio-host, but instead got the most annoying of all..

So, Essential Mix with Flying Lotus! That means two hours of music which the grandnephew of Alice Coltrane represents. Some Daedalus, Samiyam, Nosaj Thing, Madlib and the likes. To my suprise he also played Dimlite, in fact there’s a Dimlite remix of a Flying Lotus track! And he plays some Dorian Concept too!

For the next couple of days, you can listen to the mix on the BBC iPlayer – but you look more like you want to get it on your iPod.

Joy Jones – The Joy/This Too Shall Pass

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

The ties between Joy Jones and Bugz in the Attic go back to 2002, when she had an appearance on the Agent K album Feed the Cat (vocals on the title track). Later that year she sang on Zombie (together with Wunmi), the Bugz contribution on the Fela Kuti tribute compilation Red, Hot and Riot (a 12″ on Bitasweet followed in 2003). Following silent three years, Joy made a reappearance with her fantastic Divinity EP on Co-Operation Records.

So much for the introduction, let’s get to the news. Daz-I-Kue, now living in the states, has finished mixing the final track for Joy’s upcoming LP. In the meantime, we get a brandnew EP.A1. The Joy (Soulful Fundamentalist mix)
A2. The Joy (Drop It mix)
A2. The Joy (Lil’ Dave remix)
B1. This Too Shall Pass (Daz-I-Kue mix)
B2. This Too Shall Pass (Spinnerty remix)
B3. This Too Shall Pass (acappella)

The Daz-I-Kue remix is currently the second-best selling tune on Bagpak Music, and the vinyl-record is available via Juno Records since this week.

More Freesoul Session Photography

Mark de Clive-Lowe has posted a blog entry linking to various photographers, who have been present at the Freesoul Session London Finale taking place earlier this month at the Cargo.

Mark de Clive-Lowe, photo by Jan T. Sott

Also, Mark has announced the concert has been filmed and recorded on multitrack, which raises speculation over a live CD or even a DVD release (maybe both).

Interview with Kaidi Tatham

It’s almost every week now, that Freedom School drops some news about the upcoming Kaidi Tatham album In Search Of Hope, which will finally be available in about two weeks. This week we get an interview with the man, conducted by Zaid Mudhaffer from Spine Magazine.

via Brownswood

…more SK200!

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

As previously reported, Sonar Kollektiv‘s SK200 compilation will be available on December 1st. In addition to that, there will be a download-only EP with three exclusive tracks on their digital label Digital Kollektiv.01. Daz-I-Kue – Come With Me (J-Boogie Remix)
02. Recloose – Catch A Leaf (Eva Be Extended Remix)
03. Quasimode – Last Nine Days (Slope Remix)

Unfortunately, the screwed SK website doesn’t allow me to listen to their samples, but you might have more luck. I have to say that I prefer the EP over the full compilation, as the tracks haven’t been available before. You can get the release as DRM-free MP3 (€1.29) or lossless Wave (€1.79), downloads are available from now on!

Resident Advisor Podcast by Dixon

It is a pity all the old podcasts on Resident Advisor are no longer available for download. So far, all I have been doing today was playing their podcast with Berlin’s Dixon (Innervisions/Sonar Kollektiv), who did an episode 48 back in March 2007.


RA.048 Dixon – 2007.03.12 (download)
01. Amp Fiddler – Faith (Jazzanova Remix)
02. Alice Smith – Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix)
03. Kelis – 80s Joint
04. Owusu & Hannibal – Lonnie’s Secret
05. Kathy Diamond – Album Track 13
06. Paul Randolph – Believer (Jazzanova Remix)
07. Demba – Louder (Henrik Schwarz Main Mix)
08. Martin Landsky – Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)
09. Telepopmusic – Love Can Damage Your Hard (Ferrer Remix)
10. Tracey Thorn – It’s All True (Martin Butrich Remix)
11. Matthew Herbert – Moving Like A Train (Smith n Hack Remix)

You might have noticed that many of the tracks are also featured on Get Physical‘s Body Language Vol. 4, which also was compiled and mixed by Dixon. Interested? Get the download while it’s up!

Jazz Covers

Book Cover

Book Cover

Christmas is not that far anymore, about time to have a look at potential presents for the music enthusiast in your circle of friends. German publisher Taschen recently released a book about Jazz Covers. On almost 500 pages Joaquim Paulo has collected LP covers from between the 1940s to the 1990s. Accompanied by a fact sheet listing performers, label or the designers behind the cover artworks, the book also features the top-10 favourite covers from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Yoshihiro Okino, Ed Motta, King Britt or Rainer Trüby. Also featured are interviews with jazz personalities Rudy Van Gelder, Creed Taylor, Michael Cuscuna or Ashley Kahn.

You can flip through the Jazz Covers online or purchase it directly on the Taschen website. However, I recommend dropping by your local book store, where you can probably find the book for a bargain price.

Jazz Covers
Joaquim Paulo, Julius Wiedemann
Hardcover, 24 x 24 cm, 496 pages, €39.99
ISBN 978-3-8365-0378-5

Instrumentals Forever?

I did my homework when my copy of Moonstarr‘s upcoming album arrived from Japan. Depending on the sources, Instrumentals Forever should have been released in the rest of the world on November 11 or 18. However, there is no information about the release (or its delay) on the Public Transit website or on Kevin Moon‘s MySpace page. Instead  the free mixtape from Think Twice has been announced, though it has been available for download for several weeks already (and I didn’t find it worthy to mention it). So, I will hold back my little review until the album becomes available outside of Japan (nervous?). Let me just say this: if you liked (and still like)  Dupont, you will like the new album as well. Once I hear news, I will keep you posted.

Nov 22, 2008 I got an official confirmation that the album will be released on iTunes December 9 (Dancetracks Digital will follow), and that a vinyl version is planned to follow (thanks Sarah!)

Nov 25, 2008 For the next two weeks, you can buy the album exclusively on Dancetracks

On the Kaidi Artwork

Photographer Adrian Wood is the man responsible for the cover-artwork for In Search Of Hope, the upcoming album from Kaidi Tatham. On the Freedom School website he speaks about the shooting, where he first met Kaidi.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Adrian Wood

We had to wait a while to get in the recording studio, but when Kaidi and Akwasi finally arrived it was all good. As soon as we stepped through the door, Kaidi dropped his bag and jumped straight on the drum kit and started banging out drum patterns for about 20 minutes straight! They were good rhythms too!

Then my assistant and I set up the lights and Kaidi jumped on the Rhodes and started vibing, almost forgetting about the camera, it was totally natural and organic. As we all started to get into the rhythm of the shoot he started telling us stories about Japan and why we should go. He was making us laugh, we stopped shooting at one point we were laughing so much! Said that the people there really submerge themselves into the music and also said I could pick up great rare vinyl and even rarer trainers, a perfect combination! (Freedom school, where’s my ticket!)

In between shooting, Kaidi would disappear and watch jazz videos on youtube and listen to music, I could hear him engaged in deep musical conversations with Akwasi about music, stuff that was way over my head.

He’s definitely got lots of energy that the music seems to absorb in a positive way. I’m a fan of his and the whole bugz crew, so it was a pleasure to shoot him. I hope the pictures do the amazing music justice.

Kaidi Tatham.
He’s a music man.

Adrian Wood

More pictures from the shooting can be found here, unfortunately only in thumbnails size.

Bopstar Radio Show 2008-11-16

The ever-mysterious Bopstar from Restless Soul is host of a radio show on London’s Vu Live. For those of us who are not that fortunate to live in London, there’s a podcast available on his blog.

Bopstar Radio Show November 16 2008
01. Phlash & Friends – Jungle Orchidz
02. Louie Vega vs Cerrone – Love Ritual
03. Afefe Iku – Mirror DUB
04. Lil Louis – I Called U (The Conversation)
05. Bopstar – Chiaroscuro (Vudoo remix)
06. Ron Hall Marc Evans – The Way That You Love Me (Bopedit)
07. Sara Devine – Take Me Home
08. Perempay n Dee – In The Air (Bop mixes)
09. EOL – Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)
10. Bopstar – Desire
11. Jihad Muhammad – No More War (feat. Chris Dockins)
12. DJ Spinna – You Should Be Loving Me (feat. Ovasoul 7)
13. SAF – So EZ (feat. Pete Simpson) (Bop & Toni’s dub)
14. Phlash & Friends – Exaltation (feat. Sandra Nkake)
15. Lil Louis – Do U Love Me
16. Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope
17. Kaidi Tatham – He Laughs She Cries
18. Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope Pt. 2

Looking at the last three tracks, you might have guessed already why I’m featuring this show – three tracks from the upcoming Kaidi Tatham album! Truth is I did not now the podcast by now, and there’s more goodness in the archive.

Freesoul Session Photography

The Freesoul Sessions London Finale was taking place on November 9, the last concert in the UK before Mark de Clive-Lowe moves to his new home Los Angeles. It featured an all-star line-up of Bembe Segue, Vanessa Freeman, Tawiah, Sharlene Hector, Mystro, Richard Spaven and guest appearances from Michelle Escoffery and MC Dynamite.

Austrian photographer Jan T. Sott (aka Idleberg) was there to take pictures, which are now online on his Flickr page. They are a bit on the experimental tip, but as these aren’t his first photos of a Freesoul Sessions he felt like trying a different approach. Hopefully, some of these will make it into his small edition book by the end of the year.

2000black Album Launch Party



If you got your hands on the Japanese edition of A Next Set A Rockers, you probably forgot that 2000black‘s album is not yet available in the rest of the world. In order to celebrate the record release, London’s Uprock collective hosts a party with both Dego and Kaidi Tatham on the decks. If you’re in or around London at the end of the month, I strongly recommend dropping by at Room4Movement on November 28 – don’t let the ugly flyer scare you away!

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any information when the album will actually get released or through which label, but the event raises hope that it is imminent. Besides the CD you can expect it to be on iTunes, something rather unusual for Dego. There has been no confirmation about a vinyl release yet, but I take it both Kaidi and Dego would insist on that.

Dorian Concept at Elevate Festival

Austrian beatmaker Dorian Concept has been featured heavily this year by the likes of Benji B or Gilles Peterson. There was a digital EP on Domu’s TrebleO label, a first vinyl record has been released recently on Affine Records, and another is going to follow on the new Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators.

You’ve probably seen the videos of Dorian performing live or even had the pleasure to be there. Today I’ve got a recording of him performing Live At Elevate Festival in Austria. He keeps touring constantly (mostly in Europe), hope you got a chance to catch him live!

The Roots – Criminal (Ishfaq Remix)

You might have heard of Red Bull Music Academy participant Ishfaq for his remixes of D’Angelo or Bugz in the Attic. For the latter he produced a great remix of Move Aside, a personal favourite of mine in the Bugz remix contest. Following a release on Scribble Records and the production on Stee Downes album (Sonar Kollektiv!), Ishfaq is back with a remix for the ongoing The Roots remix contest hosted by Indaba Music.

With only five days remaining, I hope I can win you to vote on his Criminal remix. Only the top 25 tracks will make it to the next round, in which the jury around  ?uestlove will have to pick the winner.

The Archive

New York based director Sean Dunne filmed a documentary about Paul Mawhinne, owner of the biggest record collection in the world. Paul has been collecting and trading records for the last 40 years, now owning a total of 1M albums and another 1.5M singles. To give you some more impressing numbers, his oldest record dates back to 1881. The Library of Congress estimated, that only 17% of the music on these records (from between 1948 to 1966) is available to buy on a CD today. Unfortunately, Paul’s health condition forces him to let go of his collection, which is believed to be worth about $50M. In resignation he is willing to give it away for about $3M – which still hasn’t attracted any serious buyer.

If it hadn’t been Daz (from Bugz in the Attic) visiting Paul’s shop Record-Rama in Pittsburgh (and writing about it on Facebook), I would’ve probably missed this documentary, which was already all over the media a couple of months ago.